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These 5 Chemicals Wreck Your Hormones

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Some of the sneakiest—and most dangerous—chemicals are right in your home. They silently damage your hormones without you realizing what’s happening. And you’re probably using them every day.

The more you’re exposed to them, the more danger you are in. They’re hard to avoid. But not impossible.

Here are 5 hormone-damaging chemicals in the products you use every day, along with the ways to avoid them.… Read More

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The Natural Answer to Reversing Allergy Symptoms

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Allergies, hives, arthritis… They’re all autoimmune conditions. And most medications do very little to help ease symptoms.

A better alternative? Go after the invader that may be causing your symptoms in the first place. Most people don’t even know it, but germs are often the trigger. One in particular is found in over 70 percent of people with autoimmune symptoms.1

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5 Ways to Care for Your Cartilage

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Losing your joint cartilage ages you fast. It takes away your independence and leaves you in constant, awful pain. Here are 5 ways to make sure your joints stay supple and pain-free.

1. Elastin: It’s a protein found in connective tissue that works alongside collagen. Like the name suggests, it allows your tissue to stretch. Not having enough causes wrinkles to form on your face.… Read More

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These 5 Non-Organic Foods are Poisonous

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In a recent Health Watch, we revealed 5 foods that are a waste of money to buy organic. Their outer layers protect them from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

But other foods aren’t so safe. And these pesticides you want to avoid at all costs. Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) admits how dangerous they are. Some cause cancer. Others disrupt your hormones.… Read More