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Think You Have Asthma? There’s a Good Chance You Don’t

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It’s a common scenario: A person suffering from a persistent cough or breathing problems goes to the doctor. The doctor observes their symptoms and declares they have asthma.

The patient is put on long-term medication. They are told it will ease their symptoms or stop future flare-ups.

But an alarming new study shows that many of these patients don’t have asthma at all.

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What David Cassidy Can Do to Slow Dementia

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We think of teen idols as being eternally young. That’s why many fans were shocked when David Cassidy announced on Monday he was struggling with dementia.

The 66-year-old Partridge Family singer decided to go public with his condition after forgetting the words to some of his classic songs during a concert this weekend in Agora Hills, Calif.1

Alzheimer’s runs in his family.

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Better Brain Health Minute with Dr. Paul Nussbaum: These Foods Keep You Mentally Sharp

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According to folklore, fish is brain food. Modern science shows that old wives’ tale is actually true, according to one of the world’s leading authorities on brain aging.

In this exclusive video interview, Dr. Paul Nussbaum reveals which foods can keep your mind strong as you get older.

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90% of Americans Are Deficient in This Vital Nutrient

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It’s crucially important for a healthy brain and strong memory. It regulates your heartbeat. It prevents fatty liver disease. And it helps you perform at your peak during exercise.

But chances are this vital nutrient isn’t on your radar. Many doctors don’t even know it’s essential to good health.

And most of us don’t get nearly enough of it.

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Depression as Bad for Your Heart as Smoking

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One of the worst things you can do to your heart is smoke. We all know that.

But now a new study has uncovered a surprising heart risk factor that is just as dangerous as cigarettes.

Researchers in Germany tracked over 3,400 men for 10 years. They found that depression raised their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease about the same amount as smoking and being obese.

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