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[Guys] Are Small ‘Pee Problems’ DEADLY?

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Guys, do you find yourself constantly waking up at night to pee?

Getting more of those sudden urges to ‘go’ … and barely making it to the toilet?

Or, even worse… becoming a victim to those demoralizing ‘leaks?’

If these ‘pee problems’ sound familiar… there’s nothing to be ashamed of (it happens to a lot of older guys) …

But they are something you should take seriously… as a new study has found that even the smallest issues with your bladder could take years off your life!… Read More

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Predict a HEART ATTACK… With Your Phone? (Wow!)

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When it comes to maintaining optimal heart health, it seems like mainstream medicine is quick to point out plenty of ‘problems’ – but very few SOLUTIONS.

In fact, ask most doctors and they’ll probably tell you outside of taking prescription drugs, the only ‘natural’ ways to prevent a heart attack are to:

  1. exercise for HOURS…
  2. or, consistently eat boring, bland foods.
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“Toothbrush Trick” Stops Deadly LUNG DISEASE? (Study)

In All Health Watch, Featured Article, General Health, Health Warning by INH Research

It’s tried-and-true advice you’ve been getting since you were a little kid…

Brush your teeth TWICE A DAY!

And even though you may have a few more gray hairs, it’s STILL good advice.

After all, staying on top of your oral hygiene can help prevent bad breath, gingivitis, gum disease, and even help keep your heart healthy!… Read More

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Is Napping DESTROYING Your Brain

In All Health Watch, Featured Article, General Health by INH Research

A catnap, a siesta, resting your eyes…

Whatever you call it, sometimes there’s nothing quite like an afternoon nap to recharge your batteries.

But what if I told you that mid-day rest could actually be doing more harm than good?

Impossible, right?

Well, if this latest study around napping and brain health is any indicator… you may want to seriously reconsider how often you’re allowing yourself to doze off in your recliner.… Read More

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Omega-3s: ANOTHER Lifesaving Benefit

In All Health Watch, Featured Article, General Health by INH Research

Omega-3s are one of the single best supplements you can take for your overall health and vitality.

And trust me, I’ve talked about them A LOT.

They are good for your eyes, your brain, your heart, and they even fight chronic inflammation linked to countless diseases…

Just to name a few!

But just when you thought that omega-3s couldn’t possibly do more to live up to its reputation as a ‘wonder’ supplement…

Science has thrown us another bone!… Read More

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‘Fragrant’ Spice Fights the Root of ALL Disease?

In All Health Watch, Diet and Nutrition, Featured Article, General Health by INH Research

Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of diseases or ailments that can derail your health and well-being…

Especially as you age!

From heart disease, to type-2 diabetes, to arthritis – they all come with a laundry list of different side effects.

But they all have one thing in common…

INFLAMMATION – the root of ALL disease!

But fighting disease-causing inflammation doesn’t mean you need to be relegated to a lifetime of prescription drugs just to ‘get by.’… Read More