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Is This the Cure for Autism?

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Researchers have spent decades studying the brains of autistic children trying to figure out why they have trouble with things like communicating, socializing, and motor function.

Despite extensive research, little progress has been made in finding a cure for autism.

But what if scientists have been looking in the wrong place? What if the problem is not in the heads of autism patients…but in their stomachs?

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Nighttime Bathroom Trips Are a Sign of This Serious Health Condition

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Having to get up repeatedly at night to use the bathroom is more than an annoyance. It can destroy your chances for restful sleep. Of course, that means you’ll be tired and less productive during the day.

But a new study shows that nocturnal bathroom trips may signal something more serious.

The research was performed at Japan’s Tohoku Rosai Hospital. Scientists examined 3,749 subjects.

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Second Flu Wave Strikes… This Fruit Extract Can Protect You

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This flu season was shaping up to be short and mild. But then something happened that surprised scientists…

A second viral wave hit.

At a time when the flu season is normally long over, people are still getting sick. This has made it the longest flu season since the government started tracking flu 20 years ago.

Dr. Arnold Monto is a University of Michigan researcher who has studied the flu for 50 years.

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It Gives You High Blood Pressure…and It’s in Your Medicine Cabinet

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Mainstream doctors often blame high blood pressure on obesity, lack of exercise, too much salt, smoking, stress, or other lifestyle factors.

But many people with hypertension have none of these issues.

Now, a new study shows the culprit may be in your medicine cabinet.

The research was published in the journal Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. Scientists wanted to see what effect antiseptic mouthwashes have on blood pressure.

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One Fruit Controls Diabetes

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People with blood sugar issues are often told by mainstream doctors not to eat fruit. It’s feared that the sugar content contributes to blood sugar spikes.

But a new study shows that one fruit may actually hold the key to preventing and treating diabetes.

Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology recruited 32 subjects who were overweight or obese. All had insulin resistance and were prediabetic.

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Hate Colonoscopies? There’s a Better, Easier Colon Cancer Test

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Colonoscopies may be the most despised medical test.

The day-before laxative prep is miserable. And the procedure itself is no walk in the park.

Now, a new study shows that you may not need to put yourself through that ordeal. An at-home test may be just as effective in finding colon cancer.

The study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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