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5 Food Cravings That Can Signal a Nutrient Deficiency

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Have you started craving chocolate so much that you dream of visiting the Hershey factory?

Do you consider salt one of the major food groups?

Or maybe you’ve eaten steak for the last three nights.

It might not be your willpower that is collapsing. Food cravings can be triggered by nutrient deficiencies.

Research by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has found that the urge to eat certain foods may be a symptom of a specific vitamin or mineral shortage.

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Read This Before Getting Knee Replacement

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The number of Americans getting knee replacement surgery is double what it was in 2000. More than 750,000 of us a year now get new knees.[1]

The increase is not because more people are having knee problems. It’s because more people are choosing to have knee replacement surgery when they have less severe pain.[2]

That may be a mistake.

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One Word You Never Want to See on a Soap Label

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If you look at the labels of personal care products like shampoo, deodorant, or soap, you’ll see a list of ingredients that is very specific.

All the items in the product are fully disclosed…except one.

For decades, federal regulations have let companies hide nasty chemicals by using the catch-all term “fragrance.”

The Food and Drug Administration exempts manufacturers from disclosing what’s actually in the “fragrance.”

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What Really Killed Rush Limbaugh

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The media world was rocked by Rush Limbaugh’s death on Wednesday at age 70.

His wife Kathryn announced that he died from complications of lung cancer.

Before he died, the famed radio personality told listeners that he began suffering from shortness of breath about a year ago. He went to a doctor, and his grim cancer diagnosis followed just days later.

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It’s Secretly Stealing Your Hearing

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Hearing loss is an epidemic in the U.S. And it’s not just among the elderly.

About 15% of Americans over the age of 20 have hearing impairment. Men are twice as likely as women to have the problem. By age 60, almost a quarter of Americans have significant hearing loss.[1]

The new study provides one reason why…the heavy, widespread use of over-the-counter pain relievers.

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Coronavirus Vaccines: Answer These 4 Questions to Gauge Your Risk for an Allergic Reaction

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In the span of just a few minutes, your throat, tongue, and mouth suddenly swell to the point that breathing is difficult.

Your face may balloon so much that it’s hard to open your eyes.

You may suffer stomach cramps and a racing heart. Your blood pressure may crash.[1]

In the worst cases, patients lose consciousness and die if they don’t get prompt medical care.

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