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Belly Bloat: The Surprising Causes…and Cures

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Sometimes when we overindulge in our favorite foods, we get a bloated, uncomfortable stomach. But what if you have a bloated belly and you can’t blame it on a recent pig out?

There are some hidden causes of a belly bloat that have nothing to do with overeating.

Bloating can be defined as any abnormal swelling in the abdominal area. A feeling of fullness, increased stomach growling, and pain are sometimes also present.

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Lose Weight by Putting Your Brain in Charge of Your Body

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Does this sound familiar? It’s lunchtime. You sit in front of your computer with a wall of emails in front of you.

You take a couple bites of your sandwich. You grab some chips. And start reading your messages. You answer a few of them.

Before you know it, you’ve finished lunch without even noticing it. A couple hours later, you’re hungry and crave a snack.

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The Gluten-Free Grain Every Active Adult Should Eat

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It’s the best-kept secret in the world of gluten-free eating…

Teff is the nutrient-packed whole grain that elite athletes rely on when they need to perform at their best.

It’s a staple food in Ethiopia, a country famed for its long-distance runners. The athletes there credit teff with their success at the Olympics and other international competitions.

The seeds have been cultivated in Ethiopia since 4000 B.C.

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The #1 Factor for Healthy Aging

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Healthy aging largely depends on just one factor.

If you have this single crucial marker of wellness, chances are that you will not get heart disease or suffer a stroke. You’ll likely avoid dementia. If you’re a man, you won’t have to worry about erectile dysfunction.[i]   

The condition of your blood vessels affects virtually every aspect of your health.

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It’s Silently Killing Your Liver

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Years ago, liver disease carried a terrible stigma.

When someone had it, it was assumed they had a drinking problem. And back then, alcoholism was often viewed as a failure of character rather than the disease that it is.

Today, more Americans than ever have liver disease. But for the vast majority, it has nothing to do with alcohol.

The statistics are terrifying…

More than 30% of Americans have the most common form of liver disease.

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Walk This Way for Better Health

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Walking is the nation’s most popular form of exercise. More than a third of us—111 million Americans—routinely go for walks to maintain our health and wellness.[1]

The benefits of walking are both profound and well-proven. Putting one foot in front of the other is linked to longer life, weight loss, stronger bones and muscles, better mood, improved lung function, and lower risk of Alzheimer’s.

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