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Vitamin Deficiency Linked to Belly Fat, Study Finds

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Nobody likes belly fat. Many of us have tried in vain for years to get rid of it. 

We exercise. We diet. But the stubborn belly fat won’t go away.  

And it’s about far more than vanity.  

The midsection is the unhealthiest place to carry extra weight. Belly fat is linked to heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other serious health conditions.Read More

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COVID Alert: Get Young Lungs by Eating This

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You reach the peak of your lung power at about age 30. After that, your breathing becomes less efficient. 

As your lungs age, they become more vulnerable to disease. In fact, age is the number one risk factor for COVID death. In the U.S., about 80% of coronavirus deaths have been in people 65 and older.i  

But researchers have found that one group of food compounds staves off lung aging.Read More

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Eating Eggs Every Day Does This to Your Heart

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For decades, mainstream doctors warned that eggs were just about the worst food for your heart. 

The American Heart Association issued guidelines saying that eating eggs causes cholesterol levels to rise. This would lead to clogged arteries and heart attacks, they said. 

A few years ago, researchers started questioning this conventional “wisdom.” 

Two major studies were launched to take a close look at how eggs affect your heart.Read More

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This Supplement Can Give You 5 Years of Extra Life

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Being low in omega-3 fatty acids is just as powerful a predictor of early death as smoking.  

That’s the surprising finding of a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It looked at the omega-3 indexes of more than 2,000 people.i 

The index is a measure of what percentage of someone’s total fatty acids are omega-3 fatty acids.Read More

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One Supplement Gives You the Lifespan Benefit of Calorie Restriction Without the Hunger

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Scientists have long known about a true “fountain of youth’’… a way to increase lifespan beyond the normal range. 

The problem is, few people want to do it because it’s so difficult.  

Eating drastically fewer calories—about 30% fewer than normal—has been shown to make animals and humans live longer. It also prevents age-related diseases. 

Studies have found that calorie restriction makes animals and humans live longer.Read More