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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Myth

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We all know that olive oil is good for us. Especially the more expensive extra virgin kind. 

Studies have found that it leads to healthy aging, prevents heart disease, wards off Alzheimer’s, cuts the risk of diabetes, fights arthritis, and contributes to a healthy body weight.[1]

Despite extra virgin olive oil’s status as a superfood, it has always had one drawback.

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7 Foods that Strengthen Immunity

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Let’s be clear: Science doesn’t yet know of any drugs or supplements that will specifically target coronavirus and keep it at bay.

But a strong immune system gives your body a better chance to fight off any viral infection.

Here are seven foods that will help boost your defenses against whatever bugs may come your way…

7 Foods for a Stronger Immune System

  1. Broccoli.
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Simple Way to Double Your Calorie Burn Without Exercise

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It seems like the Holy Grail for dieters…

Increase the number of calories you burn without exercising or changing what you eat. 

This metabolic acceleration would allow you to lose weight far easier than going on a traditional diet that forces you to eat less and go hungry. Nor would you have to exercise yourself into exhaustion.

This isn’t just a fantasy.

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1,000 Steps Does This to Your Body

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Professor Neil Alexander of the University of Leeds was a world-renowned pioneer in the study of biomechanics. This is the science of how living things move.

He noted that humans are the only mammals who walk on two legs (some apes do it for short periods of time).[1] [2] [3]

“Walking,” he said, “is the exercise man is naturally meant to do.”

The earliest doctors recognized this.

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The Diet That Keeps You Young

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Few people talk about frailty as a major disease. But it’s what destroys the quality of life for millions of seniors.

Those affected can no longer live independently or be physically active. Simple tasks like opening a jar or walking up stairs become impossible. They may became painfully thin. Their energy evaporates.

And frailty does not just mean losing your quality of life.

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Natural Relief for Artery Disease

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People with peripheral artery disease (PAD) face a life-threatening dilemma. 

PAD causes artery blockages in the legs. This can lead to severe pain while walking. 

But guess what the most effective treatment for PAD is? 

That’s right…walking. 

When PAD patients stop walking because of the pain, their condition gets worse. They already have a high risk for heart disease. But without exercise, their chance of having a heart attack or a stroke becomes even greater.

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