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The Simple Food Swap That Makes Low-Carb Dieting Easier

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Those of us on a low-carbohydrate diet face one big hurdle…


Giving up bread, pasta, potatoes, and all those other carbs that used to be such a big part of our lives is easier said than done.

But a new study shows that one simple food swap reduces hunger and the intense cravings that come with them. This makes low-carb eating a whole lot easier.

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The Hidden Cause of Your Stomach Troubles

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Some 70 million Americans suffer with these digestive problems every day of their lives.[1]

The worst part is that many of them don’t know what causes it. So they can’t find lasting relief.

Now, a new study shows that a common food additive may be to blame.

Researchers from Australia’s University of Sydney investigated the food additive E171. It’s a whitener that’s used in more than 900 processed foods.

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Common Food Additive Stops the Flu Shot From Working

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Some people seem impervious to the flu. They never get it, even if they don’t get the flu shot.

For others, it’s the opposite. They get the flu despite getting the vaccine.

For years, this variability has been blamed on the unreliability of the flu shot. But a new study shows that another factor may be in play.

It found that a common food additive may stop the flu shot from working.

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7 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately

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“Waste not, want not” are wise words…but there are times when you shouldn’t follow them.  

If you hang on to certain items for too long, they can harm your health.

Here are seven things that you should toss before they hurt you:

1. Old sneakers. Paul Langer is a podiatrist and a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota. He points out that the cushioning on athletic shoes deteriorates quickly.

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Time-Restricted Eating Controls Blood Sugar

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If your blood sugar readings are high, the first advice your doctor is likely to offer is to go on a diet.

Losing weight can stop prediabetes from progressing into full-blown type 2 diabetes. It can even cure diabetes in people who already have it.[i]

Of course, dieting to lose weight is easier said than done.

But new research shows that you don’t have to eat less to get your blood sugar under control.

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Yes, Your ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Can Be Too Low

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Mainstream doctors have one message when it comes to “bad” LDL cholesterol: The lower, the better.

That’s why they pump you full of statins, hoping to decrease your LDL readings as low as they possibly can.

But new research shows they may be doing grave damage to your health.

The study was published in the journal Neurology. Scientists looked at the medical records of 27,937 subjects who were enrolled in the Women’s Health Study.

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