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How Fast-Food Chains Rank in Antibiotic Use

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When you eat at a restaurant these days, you’re often getting a side order of antibiotics. 

That’s because many chains continue to serve meat from animals raised in such crowded, unsanitary conditions that they must be dosed with drugs to keep them from getting sick. 

This practice is one of the main contributors to antibiotic resistance, which is become deadlier every year.

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Coffee Boosts Your Microbiome

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Until recently, mainstream doctors often advised patients against drinking coffee. 

They believed the caffeine could cause the heart to speed up and beat irregularly. That myth was finally debunked in a 2016 study in the Journal of the American Heart Association.[1]

Other recent studies have found that coffee actually improves heart health. And it also:

  • Prevents weight gain and diabetes.
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This Spice Stops Cancer, Study Finds

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Prostate cancer is so common in the U.S. that screening is a standard part of men’s checkups. In India, prostate cancer is so rare that it’s not even a concern.

American men get 23 times more prostate cancer than men in India.

The story is similar for breast cancer. American women get five times more breast cancer than women in India.

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The Fruit that Works Better than Statins

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More Americans take statin drugs than any other prescription medication. 

This is true even though study after study shows these cholesterol-lowering drugs have little benefit for the vast majority of people who take them. And they often cause serious side effects such as memory loss, muscle pain, and diabetes.[i]

Statins are supposed to work by lowering your “bad” LDL cholesterol.

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One Vitamin Keeps You Strong as You Get Older

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Vitamin D is required for just about all aspects of human health. You need it for bone strength, immunity, insulin regulation, heart health, brain function, and more.[1]

And now a new study shows that the sunshine vitamin may be the key to preserving muscle strength as you get older.

The research was conducted at Trinity College Dublin. The investigators looked at 4,157 people over 60.

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Poison in Your Turmeric

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The spice turmeric is extremely popular in natural health circles…and justifiably so. The bright yellow-orange curry ingredient is one of the healthiest things you can put in your body.

Since antiquity, it has been used in Asia to treat a wide range of illnesses. 

Modern research confirms that turmeric and its extract, curcumin, are perhaps nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory substances. They have been shown to relieve arthritis pain, fight heart disease, improve cognition, and even treat cancer

But a new study reveals a major problem.

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