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An Egg Every Day Is Perfectly Safe for Your Heart

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Eat eggs without guilt…even if you have heart problems, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

That’s the message from a new study that debunks warnings from mainstream doctors that we shouldn’t eat eggs. 

For decades, conventional physicians have been telling us that eggs are one of the worst foods for your heart. They raise cholesterol, they said. They increase the risk of heart attack, they said. 

This turns out to be complete bunk. 

The research comes from the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University and Health Sciences.

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One Food Helps You Make Up for a Lifetime of Health Mistakes

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Health regrets? Most of us have a few. 

Maybe you were a smoker. Maybe you didn’t exercise enough or eat right. 

And now that you’re older, it’s catching up to you. 

Not only is your body out of shape, your mind is not as sharp as it used to be. 

New research shows that one food can help seniors overcome a lifetime of health sins to delay brain aging.

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Never Eat This Oil

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When it comes to food oils, we have a confusing array of choices when we go to the grocery store. 

Olive oil… corn oil… canola oil… peanut oil… soybean oil… sunflower oil… safflower oil…and many others. 

Which ones should you be eating?

A new study shows that the most widely consumed oil may also be the unhealthiest.[i] 

In 2015, researchers from the University of California, Riverside gave mice soybean oil.

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4 Cups of Coffee a Day Does Something Great for Your Body

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Weight loss is the number-one health goal for many of us. But the fact is, getting thinner is a mixed blessing. 

When you lose weight, you lose body fat, which is good. But you also lose muscle, which is bad. 

New research from Harvard University shows there’s a way you can get rid of fat without sacrificing muscle. And you can do it without dieting or exercising more.

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Need to Control Blood Sugar? There’s a Drink for That

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Nearly half of American adults have prediabetes or full-blown diabetes.[1]

Millions of them take drugs to keep their blood sugar stable. But given the choice, it’s a good bet most would prefer not to have to take medications. 

A new study shows there may be a highly effective natural solution.

The research comes from the University of British Columbia. Investigators had obese subjects at risk for type 2 diabetes drink a ketone beverage in the morning.

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These 5 Healthy Habits Give You 7-10 Extra Years of Disease-Free Life

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A major new Harvard study found that you can gain up to 10 years of lifespan, free of cancer, heart problems, and diabetes if you practice five healthy habits.[i] 

Researchers released their findings after tracking 111,000 people for up to 34 years. 

The scientists found that women can add 10 years of healthy life and men seven. 

The life-extending healthy habits are:

  1. Regular exercise.
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