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If You Need a Blood Pressure Pill, Take This

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When it comes to prescription drugs, newer is not better. 

An international panel of researchers conducted a study in which they looked at 946 new drugs approved after 2002. They concluded that 92% were less effective or worked about the same as older drugs.

Only 8% were an improvement on older drugs. Just two medications out of 946 were true breakthroughs.

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The Fruit that Works Better than Statins

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More Americans take statin drugs than any other prescription medication. 

This is true even though study after study shows these cholesterol-lowering drugs have little benefit for the vast majority of people who take them. And they often cause serious side effects such as memory loss, muscle pain, and diabetes.[i]

Statins are supposed to work by lowering your “bad” LDL cholesterol.

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Blood Pressure Meds Tied to Suicide

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If you walk into a doctor’s office with high blood pressure, the chances are good that you’ll walk out with a prescription for a hypertension drug. 

They are among the most-prescribed medications in the U.S. About one out of every four American adults takes a high blood pressure drug.[1] 

There are many different types of hypertension medications, but an alarming new study shows that one of the most common is linked to suicide. 

Researchers from several Toronto medical schools analyzed health databases.

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Study Uncovers the Key to Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease

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If you can avoid heart disease and cancer, you can expect to live a long life. That’s because these two conditions kill more Americans than all other illnesses combined.[1]

Now, a major analysis shows that one nutrient may be the key to preventing both.

The study comes from Edith Cowan University in Australia. It followed the diets of more than 53,000 people for 23 years.

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Yes, Fish Oil Is Good for Your Heart

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The fish oil debate has raged back and forth…

The supplements became popular after researchers discovered in the 1970s that heart disease was virtually nonexistent among Greenland Inuits, who have a high intake of fish oil. 

Studies found that fish oil capsules were so effective in preventing heart attacks that the FDA approved two omega-3 prescription drugs. They are Lovasa and Vascepa.

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A Drink a Day Helps Diabetics

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The number of Americans dying from diabetes is skyrocketing. Diabetes deaths in the U.S. have increased 71% since 1990.[1] 

You might be surprised to learn that high blood sugar is not what typically kills diabetics.

Heart attacks take the lives of about 60% of people with diabetes. Strokes kill another 25%.[2]

That’s why a new study is so important.

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