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The Simple Secret to Living Longer

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Here comes the New Year, with hordes of folks looking for ways to become healthier.

Some of us will resolve to exercise more. Others will go on diets. Or we’ll cut out guilty pleasures like fast food. 

Most of us will fail miserably.

One study found that 80% of New Year’s resolutions die by mid-February.[1]

New research shows there’s a better way.

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Do You Know the 5 Signs of a Heart Attack?

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You suddenly feel pain in your chest. Could it be a heart attack? 

You have no idea.

You have other symptoms, too. Do they mean you’re having a heart attack?

You don’t have a clue. 

You don’t want to call 911 if it’s something minor, like heartburn.

So, in terrible pain, you get on the internet and Google your symptoms. 

Your life hangs in the balance.

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Hot Peppers Cut Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

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We all know the foods and drinks that are supposed to be good for heart health.

They include olive oil, red wine, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, dark chocolate, garlic, and nuts. 

A recent study adds another one that might surprise you: chili peppers

Researchers from Italy’s Mediterranean Neurological Institute tracked the health and eating habits of 22,811 people for eight years.

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Why Every Heart Patient Should Meditate

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This is what kills more Americans than anything else…

Lack of blood flow to the heart. 

At the most fundamental level, this is how heart disease kills. It restricts coronary blood flow, causing heart attacks. 

Mainstream medicine uses stents, bypass surgery, statins, and an array of other drugs to increase blood flow to the heart. None of them work very well.

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Clean Air Quickly Improves Health

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There’s no doubt that air pollution is bad for your health. Studies show breathing dirty air can trigger heart disease, cancer, strokes, cognitive problems, lung disease, and diabetes.[i] 

But, until a new study came out, nobody knew how fast your health improved when you started to breathe cleaner air. 

The Environmental Committee of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies looked at what happened in specific instances when the air became cleaner in certain cities.

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This Common Heart Drug Does More Harm Than Good

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Some 6 million Americans have been told they have heart failure. It is a grim diagnosis.

More than half will die within five years of finding out they have the condition.

And before they die, life will not be easy.

Their legs may swell with fluid. They may be out of breath after just taking a few steps.

Simple physical tasks may become impossible.

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