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Vaping Doesn’t Help People Quit Smoking

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Ever since they hit the market, e-cigarettes have been controversial. Some health experts say they help people quit regular cigarettes. But others say they not only don’t help you kick the tobacco habit, but they cause their own set of health problems.

Even the Food and Drug Administration got into the act by issuing a statement that e-cigarettes “may be effective aids to help quit smoking.”1

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Like Eggs? Here’s Good News

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For decades, mainstream doctors warned that eggs were just about the worst food for your heart.

The American Heart Association issued guidelines saying that eating eggs causes cholesterol levels to rise. This would lead to clogged arteries and heart attacks.

A few years ago, researchers started questioning this conventional “wisdom.”

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Get the Anti-Aging Benefits of Calorie Restriction Without the Hunger

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Scientists have long known about a true “fountain of youth’’… a way to increase lifespan beyond the normal range.

The problem is, few people want to do it because it’s so difficult.

Eating drastically fewer calories – about 30% fewer than normal – has been shown to make animals and humans live longer. It also prevents age-related diseases.

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