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You Should Be Dancing

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Running…biking…weightlifting…swimming…competitive sports. There are many ways to stay in shape.

But two new studies have found that one of the most effective exercises is one that is rarely mentioned by fitness gurus.

It not only greatly lowers your chances of dying from heart disease, but it slows brain aging.

British researchers analyzed data from 11 surveys that included 49,000 people. Their study was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

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The Russian Secret for Muscle Gain

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Maybe Popeye was onto something…

A spinach extract is so powerful in building muscles that it should be banned in athletes, according to researchers. Russian athletes have reportedly been secretly taking it for decades.[1]

The World Anti-Doping Agency asked scientists to investigate ecdysterone. The agency is the group that tries to keep athletes from getting an unfair advantage by using performance-enhancing drugs.

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Simple Way to Make Workouts Easier

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When you go to the gym these days, it seems that most people are using earbuds or headphones.

Some listen to podcasts. Others favor books on tape. And, of course, many listen to music. 

For years, we’ve been telling you about the advantages of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) over other forms of exercise. And now new research shows that you can make these types of workouts easier and more enjoyable by making the right listening choice…especially if you’re new to exercising.

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Is This the End for Jimmy Carter?

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Jimmy Carter made an astonishing recovery a few years ago from advanced melanoma that had spread to his brain. He beat terminal cancer by using a new cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment.

But we got the news this week that the ex-president is facing a new health crisis…one for which there is no high-tech solution.

Carter suffered a broken hip. And while that might not seem nearly as serious as cancer that has spread to the brain, the survival statistics are grim.

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The Best Arthritis Treatment Is the Opposite of What Mainstream Doctors Recommend

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For decades, mainstream doctors have had a simple recommendation for patients suffering from osteoarthritis… Rest.

This advice seems to make sense. Resting gives painful, swollen joints a chance to heal, right?

New research shows the opposite is true.

The study was published in the journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. Researchers observed cartilage cells on a microscopic level to see what happens during physical activity.

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Study Uncovers Secret of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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As most dieters know, the hardest part is not losing weight. It’s keeping it off.

When your body gets thinner, it goes into starvation mode, ratcheting up your appetite in an effort to make you eat more.

Mainstream doctors have one answer for this problem: willpower.

They urge you to stay disciplined and fight through the hunger pangs.

A new study shows there’s a better way.

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