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The “Perfect” Workout Food

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Americans spend over $10 billion a year on sports drinks. The manufacturers claim these products provide exercisers with superior hydration, performance, and recovery.i 

But a fascinating study shows there may be a better alternative. It provides greater athletic benefits. And, unlike most sports drinks, it doesn’t sneak in loads of sugars and food dyes. 

What’s more, it’s unprocessed and natural.Read More

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Why Standing Desks Aren’t Healthier

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You’ve probably heard the health mantra “Sitting is the new smoking.”

The phrase was coined by Mayo Clinic researcher Dr. James Levine a few years ago after studies he conducted showed that sitting for

prolonged periods is one of the worst things you can do for your health.[1]

His research showed it leads to obesity, heart disease, and other serious conditions.… Read More

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Cardio or Strength? One Exercise Gives You the Best of Both

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When you go to the gym, you face a choice…

Should you do an aerobic workout?

Or strength exercises?

Or maybe a little of both?

Studies show they each have important and specific health benefits.

Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and lungs. It lowers blood pressure, improves immunity and blood lipids, and it promotes vascular health.[1]

Strength training builds stronger bones and muscles.… Read More

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The #1 Exercise for Seniors

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Seniors tend to have different fitness goals than young people.

Instead of packing on muscle to look buff, older folks are more likely to want a workout that helps them live independently and continue to do the things they love.

Researchers have found that one form of exercise may be better than all others in reaching this objective.[1]

Dr. Kathrin Rehfeld of the Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Germany and her colleagues recruited 52 healthy seniors to test the workout.… Read More

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Do This When You Walk to Lose More Weight

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If you walk for exercise, a Harvard professor has some simple advice to dramatically increase the health benefits…

Try “interval walking.”

Compared to regular walking, interval walking has been found to greatly improve aerobic fitness, lower blood pressure, reduce weight, increase leg strength, and improve overall health.[1]

Dr. Aaron Baggish is associate director of the Cardiovascular Performance Program at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.… Read More