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The Common Aging Disease No One Talks About

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You see warnings about osteoporosis everywhere. There are ads on TV and in magazines for bone medications.

If you’re a middle-aged or senior woman, your doctor has probably talked to you about osteoporosis prevention.

But there’s another disease of aging that is just as debilitating and even more common. And it’s as prevalent in men as it is in women.

The reason you don’t hear about it is because drug companies don’t have any products to treat it.

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Scientists Discover Secret to Reversing Alzheimer’s

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There is no medication that stops the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. But a large review of studies shows one activity does what no drug can: It actually reverses the brain disease.

Over the years, much research has shown that exercise improves memory and thinking ability in healthy people. But there was little data on whether it helped people who already had the disease.

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Vitamin D Supercharges Your Workout

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If you’re a regular Health Watch reader, you know the importance of adequate vitamin D. And you also know it’s crucial to your health to get regular exercise.

Now, a new study shows the power of combining them. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found a powerful synergistic link between vitamin D and exercise in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

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Do This When You Walk to Burn More Fat

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If you walk for exercise, a Harvard professor has some simple advice to dramatically increase the health benefits…

Try “interval walking.”

Compared to regular walking, 30 minutes of interval walking four days a week has been found to greatly improve aerobic fitness, lower blood pressure, reduce weight, increase leg strength, and improve overall health.1

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