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This Natural Vegetable Extract Builds Muscle So Fast That It Is Banned in Athletes 

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Maybe Popeye was onto something… 

A spinach extract is so powerful in building muscles that it has been banned in athletic competitions. Russian athletes have reportedly been secretly taking it for decades.i 

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently banned ecdysterone from international athletic competitions. They say it gives athletes an unfair advantage.ii 

But unlike other banned substances, ecdysterone isn’t a drug. It’s a natural, plant-based phytosteroid. It’s similar in chemical structure to testosterone.iii  

The Russian Secret for Gaining Muscle 

A double-blind study looked at the effects of ecdysterone. It was published in the journal Archives of Toxicology. Researchers divided athletes into two groups. One took daily ecdysterone (pronounced eck-DISS-ter-own) supplements derived from spinach. The other got a placebo. None of the subjects knew which they were taking.iv  

After 10 weeks, the ecdysterone group had a significantly higher increase in muscle strength. 

“We saw drastic increases in maximum performance in bench press in the group that took ecdysterone,” said Professor Maria Parr. She is a researcher at Freie University in Berlin and a co-author of the study.v 

Professor Parr noted that ecdysterone has long been called “the Russian secret” for muscle enhancement. Lab and animal studies have found it to surpass even anabolic-androgenic steroids in aiding muscle growth. Those compounds have long been prohibited in professional sports. 

Ecdysterone Builds Muscles Fast  

To get a therapeutic dose of ecdysterone you’d have to eat at least nine pounds of spinach a day. That’s why a supplement is the most practical way to get it.vi  

Ecdysterone supplements are available from online retailers and health food stores. It’s also known by other names, including 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone20-hydroxyecdysonealfa-ecdysonebeta-ecdysone, and beta ecdysterone. 

There isn’t much research gauging the long-term safety of ecdysterone, although weightlifters have been using it for years. A 2006 study found no side effects or medical problems among users.vii  

A Russian study published in 2020 found not only that it is safe, but that it may suppress cancer.viii 

Still, as when taking anything new, it’s wise to be cautious: Be sure to follow the directions on the label. Don’t take bigger doses than instructed. And consult your physician before taking it.ix  

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