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The Simplest Way to Live Longer

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Walking is the ultimate primal exercise. It’s part of what makes humans unique as a species. We are the only mammals that walk on two legs (although some apes do it occasionally).1

It is perhaps the world’s simplest and easiest form of exercise. It requires no training or special equipment. And studies have long shown it is one of the best ways to improve your health.

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Get the Anti-Aging Benefits of Calorie Restriction Without the Hunger

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Scientists have long known about a true “fountain of youth’’… a way to increase lifespan beyond the normal range.

The problem is, few people want to do it because it’s so difficult.

Eating drastically fewer calories – about 30% fewer than normal – has been shown to make animals and humans live longer. It also prevents age-related diseases.

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One Food Prevents Parkinson’s

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For centuries, fish has been known as “brain food.” And now new research shows that it can prevent one of the most devastating diseases of the brain.

Researchers have discovered that a compound unique to fish can prevent Parkinson’s disease.1

For the study to make sense, you need to know a bit about how proteins work in the brain…

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