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The Disturbing Surgery Side Effect They Don’t Tell You About

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Before surgery, doctors have a standard procedure that they follow with each patient.

They explain the possible side effects. They discuss after-surgery pain care and rehab. They give you a general idea of what to expect. 

And then, just before the operation, you are asked to sign a consent form that says you agree to allow your doctor to perform the operation and you understand the risks. 

But there is one danger that you likely won’t know about.

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Frailty in Old Age Is Not Inevitable If You Do 2 Things

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We’ve all seen it happen to a parent, grandparent, and other loved ones… 

When they were young, they were energetic and full of life.

As they got older, they slowed down. They grew weak.

They started walking with a slow shuffle. Simple tasks like opening a jar or walking up stairs became impossible. They became painfully thin. The energy was gone.

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Seniors Flock to Cannabis

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Marijuana has traditionally been associated with young people. For some generations, teenage pot smoking is a rite of passage.

Times have changed.

These days, cannabis use among seniors is growing faster than among any other age group. One survey found a ten-fold increase in number of people over 65 who use marijuana products. Nearly 4% of older Americans say they have used cannabis in the past year.

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Scientists: One Strange Fruit Slows Aging

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Getting older isn’t all bad…

Most of us become more financially secure as the years go by.

And retirement means getting to spend more time doing the things we like to do rather than things we have to do.

The downside is what happens to our bodies. We get weaker, slower, and sicker.

But there’s nothing you can do about that, aside from the usual advice about eating right and exercising, right?

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6 Foods That Lower Testosterone

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Men often look for ways to increase their testosterone as they get older.

The male hormone can diminish with age. That leads to weaker muscles, lower energy levels, and flagging libido.

Some men fight the shortage by using supplements that increase testosterone. Exercise can also help. And of course, testosterone medications will raise “low-T.”[1]

But guys might not realize that they can sabotage their efforts by eating certain foods that lower testosterone…


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Puzzles Make Your Brain 8 Years Younger, Study Finds

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The idea that puzzles can slow brain aging is controversial.

Some neurologists strongly recommend puzzles like crosswords and sudoku as a way to keep your mind sharp into old age. Others say they don’t help your brain do anything better…other than puzzles.

But major new research shows that crossword and sudoku puzzles are extremely effective in preserving mental sharpness.

The two studies were published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

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