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Study Reveals Best Exercise for Your Brain

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We all know that we lose mental sharpness as we age. Our memory and thinking skills decline, learning becomes more difficult, and our ability to solve problems slows down.

In fact, our brains actually shrink as we get older. At birth, your brain weighs about 400 grams. It grows to about 1,450 grams by age 25. Then it is all downhill.

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Considering Knee Replacement? Read This First

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Americans have 640,000 knee replacement surgeries each year. This number has doubled since 2000. This is because more people with less severe osteoarthritis are getting new knees.1

But a new study reveals that the vast majority of patients see no real improvement in quality of life after having the surgery.

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, followed 7,500 knee patients.

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Simple Way to Reduce Nighttime Bathroom Trips

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A new study shows that one easy diet change can end annoying nighttime bathroom trips.

After age 50, most people wake up one or more times a night to urinate. This is a condition called nocturia. It can lead to sleep disruption, daytime tiredness, irritability, and stress.1

Most people with this problem are told to reduce the amount of water they drink before bedtime.

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When a Man Takes a Hair-Growth Drug, He’s Taking a Giant Risk

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More than 40 million American men suffer from hair loss. That means there’s a huge market for baldness drugs.

The most common are Propecia (finasteride), Proscar (also finasteride), and Avodart (dutasteride). Men spend $225 million each year on these medications.1

Most men take these drugs, grow some hair, and do fine.

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