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Secrets of the World’s Healthiest Village

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The small village of Pioppi in southern Italy is one of the healthiest places on the planet.

Residents have an average lifespan of 89. That’s 11 years more than Americans. And many people in Pioppi live well past 100.1

More importantly, the villagers age well. They typically remain strong and healthy into their late 80s and beyond. The “diseases of aging” such as Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes are rare in Pioppi.

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5 Exercise Blunders That Sabotage Your Fitness

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Even if you’re an exercise novice, you’re probably aware of some of the most common workout mistakes.

Widely publicized no-no’s include taking on too much exercise too soon…doing the same workout every day…and neglecting correct form.

But there are many lesser-known mistakes that can sabotage your quest for self-improvement. Here are five workout blunders and how to fix them:

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Loneliness Is Deadlier than Obesity, Study Finds

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The biggest health danger is not obesity or smoking…it’s loneliness, a new study finds.

Brigham Young University researchers looked at 218 studies of the health effects of social isolation. They involved more than 4 million people.

The scientists discovered that lonely people have a 50% higher risk of early death. By contrast, obesity raises the chances of dying before age 70 by only 30%.

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