Full Fat Dairy

When You Go Dairy, Go Full Fat

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We’ve been telling you for years that the low-fat craze is nonsense.

Studies show low-fat foods don’t help you lose weight. Nor are they better for your heart.1

In fact, your body needs dietary fat to operate at its peak. That’s why we always recommend full-fat dairy, not skim milk or low-fat yogurts.

Now, a major new study confirms our view….and more. It shows that dairy fat actually protects you from cardiovascular disease.

In a study spanning 22 years, researchers at the University of Texas tracked dairy-related fatty acids in blood samples from more than 2,900 subjects. They were all 65 or older at the start of the study.

The researchers took the blood samples throughout the more than two decades that the study ran.

During the research, 833 of the subjects died from heart disease.

But it wasn’t from full-fat dairy. Participants who had high levels of dairy-related fatty acids were actually less likely to die from heart disease or stroke.

Dr. Marcia Otto is an assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences at University of Texas School of Public Health. She was a lead author of the study.

“Dairy fat, contrary to popular belief, does not increase risk of heart disease or overall mortality,” she said.2

Unfortunately, mainstream doctors are ignoring the evidence. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services still recommends Americans eat fat-free or low-fat dairy.3

Dr. Otto says the study shows government guidelines need to change.

“Our results highlight the need to revisit current dietary guidance on whole fat dairy foods, which are rich sources of nutrients such as calcium and potassium,” she said.

“Consumers have been exposed to so much different and conflicting information about diet, particularly in relation to fats,” she said.

Low-fat recommendations are based on “hearsay,” Dr. Otto added.

The Healthiest Kinds of Dairy

Not all dairy is created equal. Here are the best choices:

Milk. Buy organic whole milk. It comes from pasture-raised cows free of growth hormones, pesticides, and other toxins.4

If you can find raw, unpasteurized milk at your local farmer’s market, buy it. It has high levels of beneficial enzymes.5

Butter. Never buy margarine. It contains emulsifiers to make it look more appealing. These compounds have been linked to colitis, diabetes, and cancer. Buy organic butter. It comes from cows that are free of chemicals and growth hormones.6

Yogurt. Check the ingredients. Many are packed with added sugar. We recommend Icelandic or Greek Yogurt. Both are high in probiotics and protein, and low in sugar.

Cheeses. Look for the shortest ingredient list. Never buy processed cheeses. They are loaded with chemical preservatives and bad fats.

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