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Scientists Discover Three Natural Cancer Killers

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A new study has discovered three natural food compounds that starve cancer cells.

Scientists from the University of Texas did something called a “high-throughput screening” of dozens of plant-based substances with cancer-fighting potential. This is a method that uses computer simulations to predict how compounds will affect cancer cells.1

Out of 142 substances, three showed the most promise: ursolic acid, curcumin, and resveratrol.

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Your Pets Boost Your ‘Good’ Bacteria

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Probiotics are one of the best things you can put into your body. Studies show that getting “good” bacteria into your gut helps not only your digestive system, but also supports your immunity and overall health.

Most of us think we need to eat probiotic-rich foods or take a supplement to get these benefits. But research shows there’s a weird alternative that can help…

Get a dog or cat.

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Do This When You Walk to Burn More Fat

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If you walk for exercise, a Harvard professor has some simple advice to dramatically increase the health benefits…

Try “interval walking.”

Compared to regular walking, 30 minutes of interval walking four days a week has been found to greatly improve aerobic fitness, lower blood pressure, reduce weight, increase leg strength, and improve overall health.1

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