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One Exercise Prevents Falls Better Than All Others

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Every 11 seconds an American over 65 is treated in an emergency room for a fall. Every 19 minutes, a senior dies from a fall.

Although cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s get more attention, falling is a major killer of older people. Falls are the number one cause of fatal injury in the U.S.[1]

Broken bones from falls are a primary reason that many seniors lose the ability to live independently.

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The World’s Biggest Health Danger Is Not What You Think

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What’s the world’s biggest killer?

Tuberculosis would be a good guess. It’s not a major problem in the U.S., but TB is the world’s leading infectious disease killer.[1]

Malaria would be another logical answer. Some historical studies conclude it has wiped out half of all people who have ever lived. It continues to kill over a million people every year.

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The Hormone That Stops Alzheimer’s

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Athletes know that a vigorous workout can lead to “runner’s high.” This is a feeling of euphoria you get when exercise-activated brain chemicals boost your mood.

For years, researchers attributed runner’s high to hormones called endorphins.

But new research shows that exercise produces another hormone. It may have more profound effects than endorphins. It improves memory and may protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

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Bad Shoulder? Stay Away From This Mainstream Treatment

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Shoulder pain is one of the biggest health complaints among older Americans. Each year, more than 200,000 people have surgery to treat it.

The most common operation is called shoulder decompression. It involves cutting away ligaments and bone spurs to release pressure. It’s supposed to relieve the pain of shoulder impingement and allow the rotator cuff to function better.[1]

Doctors love this procedure because it’s very lucrative.

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One Little Seed Holds the Key to a Thinner Body

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Flaxseeds have been big in the natural health world in recent years. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent heart disease. And they are a great source of fiber and help fight inflammation.[1]

New research shows that flaxseeds may also be a powerful weapon against obesity and diabetes.[2]

The study was published in the American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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Susan Lucci Heart Attack Drama

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Soap star Susan Lucci looks like the poster child for healthy aging. At 72, she could pass for someone decades younger.

In recent months, Harper’s Bazaar magazine hailed her as “hotter than ever.” Women’s Health called her a “fitness badass.”

But recently, when the “All My Children” actress was shopping, she felt a strange sensation in her chest.

Lucci was in a store, and had just handed her purchases to a saleswoman.

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