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The Simplest Solution to Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) plague millions of women. The conventional treatment is antibiotics. But often, the bug quickly returns.

UTIs are caused by bacteria overwhelming the body’s natural defenses in the urinary tract. The most common symptoms are a burning sensation during urination, back or stomach pain, and needing to urinate frequently.

Men can get UTIs, too. But they are 30 times more prevalent in women.

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The #1 Natural Blood Pressure Solution

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Your blood pressure tends to rise as you get older. That’s why 65% of Americans over 60 have blood pressure higher than the healthy threshold of 120/80.[1]

Many of us want to avoid the side effects of taking hypertension pills. So we turn to natural methods.

You probably already know that certain lifestyle behaviors lower blood pressure. But a new study finds that one factor is more powerful than all the others.

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Your Guide on When to Take Vitamin Supplements

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When it comes to vitamin supplements, timing is everything.

The time of day you take a vitamin can make the difference between getting the full benefits and wasting your money.

Should you take them in the morning?

At bedtime?

Spread them throughout the day?

With meals?

There are different answers for different vitamins.

The most popular vitamin supplements are multivitamins, vitamin D, B vitamins, and vitamin C.

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Surprising New Coronavirus Risk Factor

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Almost since the beginning of the pandemic, doctors believed they knew the most dangerous COVID-19 risk factors.

They were thought to be old age, obesity, diabetes, and lung, heart, and kidney illnesses.

But a major new Harvard University study has uncovered a previously unknown risk factor that make people far more vulnerable to getting a severe case of COVID. It analyzed the medical records of nearly 17,000 coronavirus patients.

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Walk Your Way To Better Health

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Most of us believe that our big brain is what sets humans apart from other species. And that’s what anthropologists thought for decades. All the fossils of our hominid ancestors indicated larger brains.

But everything changed in 1974.

That’s when the fossilized skeleton of a female human ancestor was unearthed in Ethiopia. Scientists called the specimen “Lucy.”

Her remains were 3.2

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