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Why You Should Never Turn Off Your Air Vent on a Plane

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Being stuck in a cramped plane cabin with hundreds of other people, it’s no wonder we worry about catching a cold or flu while flying.

Some people wipe down the armrests and tray table with antiseptic wipes. Others may take an immune-boosting supplement before their flight.

And what about that overhead vent? Isn’t it spraying germs from the other passengers?

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Will You Have a Heart Attack? Answer This One Question

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You can go to the best cardiologists…get a myriad of blood tests and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging… But answering one simple question is a surprisingly reliable indicator of whether or not you’re headed for a heart attack.

That’s the finding of major new study that followed more than 420,000 middle-aged people for six years.1

The question is this: How fast do you walk?

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Secrets of the World’s Healthiest Village

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The small village of Pioppi in southern Italy is one of the healthiest places on the planet.

Residents have an average lifespan of 89. That’s 11 years more than Americans. And many people in Pioppi live well past 100.1

More importantly, the villagers age well. They typically remain strong and healthy into their late 80s and beyond. The “diseases of aging” such as Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes are rare in Pioppi.

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7 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Kefir

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Kefir is a beverage worth adding to your diet if you’re interested in powerful health and longevity benefits.

It has been popular in Turkey and northern Russia for thousands of years. The people of this region enjoy lifespans that are among the longest in the world.1

Kefir is a natural drink made by a fermenting goat, cow, sheep, or nut milk.

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