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Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer?

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For the last decade, scientists have warned us that cellphones are linked to brain cancer.

But the mobile industry has fought back, saying the research is inadequate and inconclusive.1

Now, Sen. John McCain, whose job demanded long hours of cellphone use, has been diagnosed with glioblastoma. It’s the deadliest form of brain cancer. Only about 30% of patients survive longer than two years after diagnosis.

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Toxic Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese

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This is what passes for logic at the FDA…

The agency bans a group of harmful chemicals from toddlers’ toys—but allows the very same toxins to be added to one of kids’ favorite foods.

Two million boxes of macaroni and cheese are sold every day. And that little bag of cheese powder you mix with the noodles is filled with compounds called phthalates.

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Glen Campbell’s Death: How Did Alzheimer’s Kill Him?

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When Glen Campbell made the brave decision six years ago to reveal to the public he had Alzheimer’s disease, he knew his life was likely coming to an end.

But he didn’t know how he would die. That’s because Alzheimer’s itself does not kill a person.1

Alzheimer’s destroys nerve connections in the brain. This makes it progressively more difficult to do ordinary things like move around, swallow, and feed yourself.

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