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Seniors Flock to Cannabis

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Marijuana has traditionally been associated with young people. For some generations, teenage pot smoking is a rite of passage.

Times have changed.

These days, cannabis use among seniors is growing faster than among any other age group. One survey found a ten-fold increase in number of people over 65 who use marijuana products. Nearly 4% of older Americans say they have used cannabis in the past year.

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Statins Double Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

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We knew it was bad. 

But we didn’t know it was this bad…

In April we told you about a study that showed statin drugs raise the risk of type 2 diabetes.

But now new research shows the danger of these cholesterol-lowering medications may be far greater than we thought.

The study was published in the journal Diabetes Metabolism Research and Reviews.

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57% of Older Adults Are Low in One Crucial Vitamin, New Study Finds

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We generally think of malnutrition as something that happens somewhere else…mostly in impoverished Third World countries.

Most of us living in developed nations have access to all the food we want (maybe too much of it).

On top of that, much what we eat is fortified with vitamins and minerals. And many of us take a multivitamin or other supplements to make sure our bodies get all the nutrition we need.

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Scientists: One Strange Fruit Slows Aging

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Getting older isn’t all bad…

Most of us become more financially secure as the years go by.

And retirement means getting to spend more time doing the things we like to do rather than things we have to do.

The downside is what happens to our bodies. We get weaker, slower, and sicker.

But there’s nothing you can do about that, aside from the usual advice about eating right and exercising, right?

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The Dark Side of Autoimmune Drugs

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The incidence of autoimmune diseases is skyrocketing. They occur when your immune system goes haywire and starts attacking your own body.

AI illnesses include celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and many other inflammatory conditions. In recent years, they have become more common than heart disease and cancer.

Mainstream doctors use biologic medications as the first-line treatment against many AI conditions.

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8 Organic Foods That Aren’t Worth the Premium Price

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Long-time Health Watch readers know that we strongly recommend eating organic foods.

But we also recommend common sense.

Organic foods are expensive. And in some cases, the cost isn’t worth the benefits. Here are eight foods whose organic versions aren’t worth the higher price:

  1. Bananas. The thick peel keeps out pesticides.
  2. Fish. It’s meaningless to label fish as organic because there is no official standard for organic seafood.
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