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Depressed? Constipated? One Supplement Helps Both

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People suffering from depression often complain of stomach problems. It’s bad enough to suffer dark moods. But the complication of constipation can make it even worse.

Now a new study has found that the two conditions may have the same cause…low serotonin.

The research comes from Columbia University Irving Medical Center. It was led by Dr. Kara Gross Margolis. She explained that the gut “is often called the body’s ‘second brain.’” That’s because it uses many of the same neurotransmitters as the brain.

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The Simple Food Swap That Makes Low-Carb Dieting Easier

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Those of us on a low-carbohydrate diet face one big hurdle…


Giving up bread, pasta, potatoes, and all those other carbs that used to be such a big part of our lives is easier said than done.

But a new study shows that one simple food swap reduces hunger and the intense cravings that come with them. This makes low-carb eating a whole lot easier.

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Broccoli Compound Fights Mental Illness

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Mainstream doctors have long been baffled by schizophrenia. They don’t know what causes it. And they don’t have a cure for it.

It’s one of the most common mental illnesses. About 3.5 million Americans have it. And it can be completely debilitating, causing patients to hallucinate and experience delusions.

The first-line treatment is antipsychotic drugs. Some patients are given electroconvulsive therapy.

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Daily Aspirin Guidelines Reversed

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American doctors have long advised people at risk for a heart attack to take a daily low-dose aspirin.

The idea is that aspirin makes the blood thinner. This prevents clotting, which in turn prevents a heart attack or stroke.

But major new research reveals that daily aspirin hurts more than helps many of the people who take it.[i]

The study was published in the journal JAMA Neurology.

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The Hidden Cause of Your Stomach Troubles

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Some 70 million Americans suffer with these digestive problems every day of their lives.[1]

The worst part is that many of them don’t know what causes it. So they can’t find lasting relief.

Now, a new study shows that a common food additive may be to blame.

Researchers from Australia’s University of Sydney investigated the food additive E171. It’s a whitener that’s used in more than 900 processed foods.

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Sunscreen Chemicals Get Into Your Bloodstream… Here’s a Safer Alternative

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When we put sunscreen on, most of us figure that it provides an outside layer of protection against UV rays. Then, when we get back inside, we can wash it off.

But new research shows that it’s not that simple.

Scientists recently discovered that sunscreen chemicals penetrate your skin and get into your bloodstream.

The study was published in the JAMA Network.

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