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Hearing Going? You Need to Do This.

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When your hearing starts going, it’s more than just a matter of not being able to hear people or needing to turn up the volume on the TV. 

Studies have established that hearing loss affects you in other ways. It is strongly linked to dementia, anxiety, depression, falling, and problems walking.

Now, new research has found a simple way to lower your risk of having these issues.

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A Drink a Day Helps Diabetics

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The number of Americans dying from diabetes is skyrocketing. Diabetes deaths in the U.S. have increased 71% since 1990.[1] 

You might be surprised to learn that high blood sugar is not what typically kills diabetics.

Heart attacks take the lives of about 60% of people with diabetes. Strokes kill another 25%.[2]

That’s why a new study is so important.

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The Superfood You Already Eat (But Need More Of)

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Health websites are full of information about “superfoods.”

Often they come from strange plants grown in exotic places. Goji berries from China, maca root from the Andes Mountains, and spirulina from Mexico are three examples. 

But the most powerful superfood is one that you are familiar with.

You probably eat it regularly. But recent studies show that more is better.

Researchers have found that it prevents heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and extends lifespan. 

We’re talking about nuts

A new Harvard study may be the largest ever that examined the health effects of eating tree nuts.

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Hand Sanitizer Doesn’t Work Against the Flu

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With cold and flu season starting, you can be sure that you’ll be given this advice: The best defense is washing your hands. 

That’s because you typically get infected with viruses by touching a germy surface. Then, when you touch your face, the virus enters your body through the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. You likely touch your face a lot more than you think.

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Could This Vitamin Save Alex Trebek?

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If you’re a fan of the TV show Jeopardy, you probably know that host Alex Trebek is fighting for his life.

Trebek has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. That means the disease has spread to other parts of his body.

The 79-year-old publicly announced his condition in March.

He did surprisingly well after initial treatment. In May, his doctors said he was in “near remission.”

“It’s mind-boggling,” Trebek said at the time.

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Cutting Calories Is Bad for Your Bones

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If you are overweight, chances are your doctor will tell you to do one thing: Cut calories. 

Don’t do it. 

For one thing, it doesn’t work. 

Your chances of losing weight on a traditional low-calorie diet and keeping it off for five years are just 5%.[1]

And now, new research shows that low-cal diets are not only ineffective, but dangerous.

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