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Ate Too Much on Thanksgiving? Here’s Good News 

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Ate Too Much on Thanksgiving? Here’s Good News 

If you want to live a long life, you should worry less about your weight and more about staying active.  

That’s the message of a major new study that found that exercise is far more important for longevity than losing weight.i 

We’ve been told over and over that maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to living a long life.Read More

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Never Do This to Your Turkey

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It seems to make sense to wash foods before you cook or eat them. After all, it’s important to get rid of any pesticides or germs lurking on the surfaces. 

And this seems like it would especially apply to turkey and other poultry because they are notorious sources of food poisoning.i 

No less an authority than the late Julia Child said you should always wash poultry before cooking it.Read More

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The Myth of “No Pain, No Gain”

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It’s long been conventional wisdom in the world of fitness that you can’t get into good physical shape without some suffering. 

Thus, the well-worn expression: “No pain, no gain.” 

This phrase became popular in the early 1980s when Jane Fonda started using it in her big-selling aerobic workout videos. She would also urge viewers to “feel the burn.”i   

But should we judge the effectiveness of our workouts by how much pain and soreness we feel?Read More

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Eat This to Build Bones (No, Not Dairy)

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Osteoporosis is one of the biggest threats to your health as you age. 

About 10 million Americans have it. Another 44 million are at risk for getting it because they have low bone density.i 

One in five men and one in three women over age 50 will eventually suffer a broken bone because of osteoporosis.ii 

Injuries such as broken hips can be debilitating.Read More

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The Ancient Solution for Mental Sharpness

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A major study shows that the ancient yogi masters were right…  

Meditation makes your brain sharper. 

And researchers at Trinity College in Dublin have discovered how it works.i 

There are different kinds of meditation. Types that focus on breathing have long been known to have particular benefits. They increase your ability to focus and giving you a more positive state of mind. Read More

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The Surgery Danger Doctors Won’t Talk About

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As we age, we face an increasing possibility of having surgery. 

More than half of all surgeries (53%) are performed on people over 65.i 

Heart disease, cancer, fractured bones, and any number of other medical conditions might force us under a surgeon’s knife. 

There is one surgical complication that seniors need to worry about more than any other. And it’s something that doctors rarely mention to patients.Read More