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Chocolate Lowers Heart Disease Risk, Study Finds

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If there was any doubt before, there should be none now…

Chocolate is good for your heart.

Past studies have shown that chocolate lowers bad cholesterol and prevents atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat.

And now, new research provides perhaps the strongest evidence yet that eating chocolate improves cardiovascular health.

The massive study followed 336,289 people for nine years. It found that eating chocolate more than once a week led to an 8% lower risk of heart disease.

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One Spice Fights Diabetes, Study Finds

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America is heading toward a diabetes disaster.

Nearly 90 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes. Don’t let the “pre” fool you.

Prediabetes is a serious condition. It means that your blood sugar levels are elevated and heading toward full-blown diabetes and all the health problems that it entails…nerve damage, kidney disease, vision loss, heart disease, strokes, and more.[1]

Along with all those issues, diabetics often die early.

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The Path to a Longer Life Is Clear…

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If you can avoid heart disease and cancer, chances are you will enjoy longevity.

That’s because these illnesses are by far the biggest killers in the U.S. Just over 43% of Americans die from heart disease or cancer. They take more lives than all other medical conditions combined.[1] 

The ways to prevent heart disease are well known: Keep your weight, blood pressure, and bad cholesterol under control.

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Meditation Linked to 51% Reduction in Heart Disease

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For centuries, meditation has been used to treat mental conditions. It has been shown to reduce stress, slow brain aging, and even restore memory loss.

Now a new study shows that the ancient technique has powerful effects not only on your brain, but your body as well. Specifically, meditation is linked to a dramatic reduction in heart disease and the factors that contribute to it.

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CBD May Help Lungs Resist COVID Destruction, Study Finds

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CBD may help the lungs resist the devastating effects of COVID-19, a new study has found.

“Our laboratory studies indicate pure CBD can help the lungs recover from the overwhelming inflammation, or cytokine storm, caused by the COVID-19 virus, and restore healthier oxygen levels in the body,” said Dr. Jack Yu. He is co-author of the research, which was published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

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Why Coffee Is Better Than Energy Drinks

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Drinking coffee has gone from a vice to a virtue.

Once seen as harmful to health, nutritional researchers now view coffee as a true superfood. Studies show it helps with weight loss, prevents diabetes, reduces artery calcification that leads to heart attacks, lowers Alzheimer’s risk, and improves cognition and mood.

Most of the research links coffee’s health effects to caffeine.

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