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This Vitamin Restores Heart Health

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A natural remedy can reverse heart damage caused by a wide range of medical conditions.

That’s the exciting finding of a new study that potentially shows a way to restore the cardiovascular health of the 85 million Americans who have heart disease or have suffered a stroke or heart attack.1

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Why People in India Rarely Get Alzheimer’s

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A new study finds that adding one spice to your daily diet can improve your memory by 28%.1

As we age, many of us encounter a decrease in our recall powers. Researchers believe the culprit is inflammation that leads to the development of brain plaques.2

The plaques are composed of proteins called tau and amyloids. As they accumulate, brain cell signaling gets slower, leading to memory problems.

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Is Your Liver Quietly Dying?

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is rarely mentioned as one of America’s worst health threats. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes get far more publicity.

But NAFLD is more common than any of these. And it can have equally deadly consequences.1

More than 30% of Americans have NAFLD. It’s also known simply as fatty liver.2

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Hidden Heart Danger Doctors Don’t Talk About

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Celebrity fitness trainer Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser seemingly enjoyed perfect health. He ate right, exercised every day, and passed his physical exams with flying colors.

On TV, he looked indestructible.

But last year, at age 52, Harper suffered a massive heart attack. He went into cardiac arrest while working out at a New York City gym.

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