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Low Vitamin C Levels Linked to DEADLY Condition (Study)

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When it comes to the pantheon of vitamins, vitamin C is considered the gold standard.

It’s good for your immune system, can help manage your blood pressure, and can even help prevent a nasty gout flareup.

But I’m not here today to talk about the benefits of vitamin C…

Today, I’m here to talk about why many seniors aren’t getting enough vitamin C — and why a new study has found that low vitamin C levels could be tied to a deadly condition.… Read More

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[Men] Is Warm Weather Bad for Your Heart?

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Guys, spring is in full swing and summer is literally right around the corner.

That means more rounds of golf with your friends… or trips to the beach on a hot day.

It also means that the temperatures are rising… and before you know it, some days will start to feel downright stifling!

Which is why it’s important that you start taking precautions NOW to avoid heat-related illnesses and conditions like dehydration, fatigue, and heat stroke.… Read More

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Popeye ‘Hack’ Revives Aging Muscles

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You remember the famed cartoon character, Popeye?

When he wanted his biceps to bulge… Popeye would turn to his secret weapon… SPINACH.

And it turns out, he may have been onto something!

Because new research finds eating your spinach can help boost your strength and revive your aging muscles.

Spinach Boosts Muscle Mass, Strength

You may not feel as strong as you were in your 20’s, 30’s, or even your 40’s…

But that doesn’t mean you need to watch your strength deteriorate before your very eyes.… Read More

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‘Fragrant’ Spice Fights the Root of ALL Disease?

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Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of diseases or ailments that can derail your health and well-being…

Especially as you age!

From heart disease, to type-2 diabetes, to arthritis – they all come with a laundry list of different side effects.

But they all have one thing in common…

INFLAMMATION – the root of ALL disease!

But fighting disease-causing inflammation doesn’t mean you need to be relegated to a lifetime of prescription drugs just to ‘get by.’… Read More

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BOOST Your Brain with This ‘Forgotten’ Vitamin

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We all want to stay mentally sharp – no matter what stage of life you’re in.

But despite our best efforts, we all start to ‘forget’ things – especially as we get older.

Maybe it’s forgetting where you put your car keys… or the day and time of an important appointment.

For millions of Americans, occasional ‘senior moments’ can sometimes lead to life-shattering diseases like dementia.… Read More

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The SIMPLEST Movement Helps You Live Longer?

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It’s something you learned how to do when you were a toddler…

And it may be the key to helping you live longer!

Folks, I’m talking about the simple act of WALKING.

Sure, it may not be as hip or cool as running, going to a spin class, or even lifting weights…

But this time-tested, simple movement is one of the best ways to help extend your life and keep you healthy.… Read More