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The #1 Factor for Healthy Aging

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Healthy aging largely depends on just one factor.

If you have this single crucial marker of wellness, chances are that you will not get heart disease or suffer a stroke. You’ll likely avoid dementia. If you’re a man, you won’t have to worry about erectile dysfunction.[i]   

The condition of your blood vessels affects virtually every aspect of your health.

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It’s Silently Killing Your Liver

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Years ago, liver disease carried a terrible stigma.

When someone had it, it was assumed they had a drinking problem. And back then, alcoholism was often viewed as a failure of character rather than the disease that it is.

Today, more Americans than ever have liver disease. But for the vast majority, it has nothing to do with alcohol.

The statistics are terrifying…

More than 30% of Americans have the most common form of liver disease.

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7 People With Coronavirus Boarded a Plane With 95 Others. Nobody Wore a Mask. Here’s What Happened.

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A packed plane seems like the last place you’d want to be during the pandemic.

Distancing is impossible. It’s difficult to avoid high-touch surfaces like tray tables and seat arms that could harbor the coronavirus. And although the cabin air is filtered, how much virus is floating around is anybody’s guess.

That’s why the events of March 9 seem like a recipe for disaster.

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Antibiotics Double Your Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Doctors don’t think twice about prescribing antibiotics…and most of us don’t think twice about taking them.

This is a mistake.

For years, antibiotics have been handed out by doctors like candy on Halloween. The drugs are the first-line treatment for respiratory infections. But antibiotics do absolutely nothing to help most respiratory infections like the flu and colds. They are caused by viruses.

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Any Exercise Is Good…This Kind Is Better

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You’ve heard it over and over…

Exercise is good for you. Any kind of exercise…running, walking, lifting, stretching, swimming, biking, dancing, rowing…it’s all good.

But something is better.

We’ve been telling you about it for years. And now another major study confirms it may be the most beneficial form of physical activity there is.

The research was published in the journal Nature Medicine.

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Ancient Allergy Solution Offers Potential Hope Against Coronavirus

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This fall’s allergy season is like none other.

On top of the usual congestion, itchy eyes, and runny nose that hay fever sufferers face, they also have to worry about the coronavirus.

One ancient health practice may address both issues, according to new research.

Nasal irrigation is a natural solution that not only relieves allergy and sinus symptoms, but a medical journal examining its potential against coronavirus recently concluded that it also may also “offer a ray of hope” during the pandemic.

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