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Is It Normal Forgetfulness…or Is It Alzheimer’s?

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As we get older and memory lapses get more frequent, many of us wonder if it could be the start of Alzheimer’s.

It is especially easy to get worried if you have watched a relative’s mind slip away because of the disease. That’s because Alzheimer’s can run in families.

Dr. Heather M. Snyder is vice president of medical and scientific operations at the Alzheimer’s Association.

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One Vitamin Eases Digestion Troubles

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If you’re one of the 45 million Americans who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you know it can make your life miserable.

The stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and loss of appetite can be disabling.[1]

Drugs to treat the problem are not consistently effective. And they can have side effects that make the symptoms even worse.[2]

Now, researchers have found that one natural supplement can safely relieve IBS.

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Natural Supplement Shows Promise in Preventing and Treating COVID-19

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Curcumin is a potential treatment for coronavirus, according to several new studies.[1] [2]

Curcumin is the bioactive compound in the spice turmeric, an ancient health remedy. Turmeric has been part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India for thousands of years. It is used to treat pain, heart ailments, depression, and even cancer.[3]

The authors of a recent review published in the journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy noted that curcumin also has powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects that could help COVID-19 patients.

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What the EPA Won’t Tell You About Radium in Your Drinking Water

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More than 170 million Americans drink tap water that contains the radioactive element radium. It’s a powerful carcinogen.[1]

That’s over half the U.S. population.

Radium is linked to breast, liver, and especially bone cancer.

When radium enters your body, it behaves like calcium. Your body deposits it in your bones. And from there it can cause mutations that lead to cancer.

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4 Ways to Stop Nighttime Food Cravings

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When the sun goes down, so does your dieting willpower.

That’s the finding of a study that shows you’re most likely to overeat at night—especially if you’re feeling stressed.

The research focused on two hormones that affect appetite: ghrelin and peptide YY.

They are the yin and yang of hunger. Ghrelin makes you feel hungry. Peptide YY makes you feel full.

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