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How to Protect Yourself from a Morning Heart Attack 

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You may have heard that early morning is when your risk of having a heart attack is greatest. 

Early-day heart attacks are not only more frequent, they are deadlier. They are 20% more likely to kill you.i 

Doctors have never known exactly why people are more prone to heart attacks in the morning. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London set out to solve the mystery.Read More

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The Simple Solution to Regaining Your Mental Sharpness 

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Was it hard to concentrate during that important work meeting? 

Maybe the crossword puzzle was more difficult than usual? 

Or perhaps you had a hard time remembering what you were supposed to buy at the grocery store. 

You may think these common mental lapses are a normal part of getting older. But a study shows that there is often a simple solution that can restore your cognitive sharpness.Read More

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Use Your Body Clock to Prevent Cancer 

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There are tried-and-true methods to prevent cancer. But most are difficult.  

It’s not easy to quit smoking, to lose weight, or to make big changes to your diet.  

And one of the biggest cancer risk factors—your genes—are impossible to change. There’s nothing you can do about your DNA.  

But what if you could prevent cancer without making any major lifestyle changes?Read More

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Colin Powell’s Death: Why the COVID Vaccine Failed to Save Him

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Like millions of other Americans, Colin Powell was vaccinated against COVID-19. But unlike others, he was not protected. The virus took his life on Monday at age 84.i 

General Powell was secretary of state under President George W. Bush. He also served at the nation’s top soldier as chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

After he got sick, Powell received the best of care.Read More

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When Your Doctor Won’t Listen, Do This 

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You go to doctors for one reason: To have them fix your health problems. 

But physicians can’t help you if they don’t even take the time to listen to what your problems are. 

And that’s exactly the case with most doctors, a study finds. 

University of Florida researchers videotaped consultations between 112 patients and their doctors across America.i 

One would expect doctors to start exams by trying to find what’s wrong with their patients.Read More

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Put Menopause on Hold by Eating This 

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The hot flashes…  

The mood swings…  

The insomnia…  

Menopause can be miserable. 

But it turns out there is a way to delay the “change of life” for years. And you can do it naturally, without hormone treatments or drugs, a major study finds.  

Researchers at the University of Leeds compiled data on 14,000 women. They were part of a multi-decade ongoing national health study in England.Read More