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Read This Before Getting Knee Replacement

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The number of Americans getting knee replacement surgery is double what it was in 2000. More than 750,000 of us a year now get new knees.[1]

The increase is not because more people are having knee problems. It’s because more people are choosing to have knee replacement surgery when they have less severe pain.[2]

That may be a mistake.

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One Word You Never Want to See on a Soap Label

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If you look at the labels of personal care products like shampoo, deodorant, or soap, you’ll see a list of ingredients that is very specific.

All the items in the product are fully disclosed…except one.

For decades, federal regulations have let companies hide nasty chemicals by using the catch-all term “fragrance.”

The Food and Drug Administration exempts manufacturers from disclosing what’s actually in the “fragrance.”

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New COVID Hope: Studies Uncover Potential Safe, Effective Treatment

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Eighty-year-old Judith Smentkiewicz lay dying of COVID in a Buffalo, N.Y., hospital when her family asked that she be given a drug called ivermectin.

It’s an anti-parasitic medication that has shown potential effectiveness against coronavirus in studies. Judith’s family figured there was nothing to lose by trying it. Judith was on a ventilator and doctors gave her only a 20% chance to live.

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Are COVID Vaccines Safe? We’re Starting to Get Answers

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Let’s face it…

Coronavirus vaccines were not created under ideal conditions.

Labs put them together in record time. They were produced far faster than any other vaccines in history.[1]

They were tested in relatively small clinical trials that lasted only a few months. Previous vaccines were tested for years, some for as long as a decade.

The vaccines were so created and tested so quickly, that the FDA didn’t have the data to approve them using its usual procedures.

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Allergic to Nuts? Here’s Why You’re Probably Not

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More than 3 million Americans have been told by their doctors that they have a nut allergy.

Typically, they are diagnosed after eating something containing nuts and having a reaction. When they go to their doctor, they are given a skin prick or blood test to confirm their sensitivity.

If the test is positive, their doctor tells them to stay away from all nuts.

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This Common Back Pain Treatment Is Worse Than Worthless

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For decades, doctors have been prescribing Valium as a standard treatment for acute lower back pain.[1]

The idea was that this powerful sedative would relax the muscles to ease the pain.[2]

But a study finds that Valium (diazepam) works no better than a sugar pill for back pain.

In fact, patients taking a sugar pill actually recover faster.

The research looked at 114 patients in New York whose back pain was so severe that they went to an emergency room.

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