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This Fruit Gives You Stronger, Healthier Lungs

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With coronavirus infections reaching new highs in some parts of the country, lung health has never been more important.

That’s why we wanted to tell you about fascinating research that shows an easy diet change can strengthen your lungs.[1]

Even without a pandemic, your lungs are crucial to your overall health and longevity. Studies show that ex-smokers lose up to 10 years of lifespan because of the damage incurred to their respiratory system.

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Sleep Your Way Thinner… Really

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It sounds too good to be true: Sleep more and you will lose weight.

But researchers have found that getting more than seven hours of sleep is linked to weight loss.[1]

The correlation between sleep and a thinner body is not as strange as it sounds. One-third of American adults are considered sleep-deprived, getting six hours or less of sleep each night.

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Cannabis Shows Cancer-Fighting Potential

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Cannabis has long been used to relieve cancer symptoms and the side effects of chemotherapy. But until recently there was little evidence that it could actually affect the course of the disease.

Now, new lab research shows that CBD and THC—the two biologically active compounds in cannabis—have potential in preventing and treating cancer.

Scientists at Colorado State University tested CBD (cannabidiol) against glioblastoma brain cancer cells.

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The Best Fabric for Face Masks

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You can find face masks made out of just about any type of fabric. There are masks made from cotton, nylon, polyester, paper fiber, and even vacuum cleaner bags.

But a new study shows that silk masks may be more effective than any of them.[1]

In fact, researchers found that masks made from silk might be the next best thing to the N95 respirators that health care workers use.

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One Vitamin Makes Your Arteries Younger

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Doctors rarely talk about artery flexibility. But it may be just as important to your health as other more familiar markers such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

When your arteries lose flexibility, it can be the start of a destructive chain reaction. Having stiff arteries means your heart has to work harder to move blood through your body.

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