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The Deadly Disease Caused by Lack of Sleep

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Six hours.

That’s the minimum amount of sleep you need each night for a healthy heart, according to a major new study.

The research was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.[1]

About 4,000 subjects were divided into groups depending on how much sleep they got.

The researchers measured levels of atherosclerosis in the subjects’ femoral and carotid arteries using ultrasound.

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Feeling Anxious? It Might Be Something You Ate

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Have you ever felt tense without knowing why?

It wasn’t that you were under some kind of stress. Or were worried about something.

But for some unknown reason, you just felt anxious.

A new study may explain why.

Emulsifiers are processed food additives. They are used to make foods more appealing in various ways. They improve texture and shelf life. They keep ingredients from separating, such as the oil and water in mayonnaise.

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How to Use Your Office to Get in Better Shape

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When you sit in an office all day, it’s difficult to stay in shape. Spending eight hours or more tethered to a desk is terrible for your health.

But a new study shows there’s a simple way office workers can improve their fitness.

You do it by using your workplace as a piece of gym equipment…

Previous research had found that brief spurts of vigorous exercise can boost heart health.

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The Bodily System Doctors Don’t Know You Have

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For decades, doctors were taught in medical school that there were 11 major systems in the human body.

They are the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, and integumentary (skin) systems.

All of these bodily systems have been known for a century or more.

But in 1988, scientists at St. Louis University School of Medicine announced the discovery of a 12th human body system.

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Bone Broth Is All the Rage. Here’s What It Does to Your Heart.

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In the last few years, bone broth has become a wildly popular health remedy. Supporters say you can boil some bones, drink the liquid, and get relief from inflammation, insomnia, joint pain, and autoimmune conditions.

Unfortunately, there is little scientific support for these claims.[1]

Scientists have been hard-pressed to find what is special about bone broth. There are collagen, amino acids, and minerals in it.

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Every Time You Go Into a Store, You Walk Out With Toxic Waste

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It happens so often, most of us don’t think twice about it…

After we pay for our purchases at a store, the clerk hands us a receipt. Maybe we crumple it up and throw it away. Maybe we put it in our wallet or purse, saving it in case we need to return an item.

Either way, we are poisoning ourselves with a toxic chemical.

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