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The “Bad” Habit That Helps You Live Past 90

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If you enjoy a couple drinks at the end of your day, here’s good news… 

A major long-term study has found that drinking two beers or glasses of wine daily increases longevity. 

Researchers from the University of California have been closely following the health of over 1,600 elderly people since 2003. It’s part of a research effort known as the “90+ Study.”Read More

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With Delta Surging, Should You Travel Over Labor Day Weekend?

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Americans are not going to let the surge of the COVID-19 Delta variant spoil their Labor Day travel plans. Reservations for the long weekend are up 46% from 2019, according to the short-term rental property management company Guesty.

Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer. It’s a chance for many of us to travel and enjoy warm-weather activities for the last time before fall sets in.… Read More

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New, Non-Drug Alternative for Lowering Blood Pressure

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Raenard Gonzalez was taking five different pills a day to treat his high blood pressure.  

The medications didn’t work very well. His blood pressure readings were often still high. Even worse, the pills made him feel terrible.  

“The drugs left me feeling completely exhausted all the time,” said the 49-year-old airport worker.i 

So, when he heard about a new, minimally invasive procedure to lower blood pressure, he was interested.Read More

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Chiropractic Is Settled Science

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The battle between mainstream doctors and chiropractors has been raging for decades. 

Many conventional doctors say that chiropractic is unproven. And chiropractors often view doctors as pill pushers who do more harm than good when they try to treat back pain. 

Now, a major, multi-year clinical study might finally end the argument. 

The nonprofit Spine Institute for Quality enrolled 750 back pain patients at three American military hospitals.Read More

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Vitamin Deficiency Linked to Belly Fat, Study Finds

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Nobody likes belly fat. Many of us have tried in vain for years to get rid of it. 

We exercise. We diet. But the stubborn belly fat won’t go away.  

And it’s about far more than vanity.  

The midsection is the unhealthiest place to carry extra weight. Belly fat is linked to heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other serious health conditions.Read More