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The New Improved Mediterranean Diet

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Many people swear by the Mediterranean diet. And for good reason.

With its emphasis on vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats from olive oil and fish, research has consistently found that it is heart healthy. It also helps people lose weight and prevents diabetes.[1]

What’s more, there’s strong evidence it protects against cancer, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

Now, a new study shows how to make the Mediterranean diet even healthier.

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Is This the Cure for Alzheimer’s?

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Mainstream medicine is baffled by Alzheimer’s.

They don’t know what causes it.

They don’t know how to prevent it.

And they have no idea how to treat it.

Yes, there are a few FDA-approved drugs for Alzheimer’s. But they don’t stop the disease from progressing. They merely suppress some of the symptoms. And they don’t even do that well.

But now, two scientists say they may have unlocked the key to reversing Alzheimer’s.

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5 Conditions Cannabis Can Treat

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Cannabis offers great promise in improving health. But the marketing hype has outpaced the scientific evidence for its effectiveness, according to cancer researcher Dr. David Grimes.

He says that cannabis is effective in helping his patients deal with nausea from chemotherapy. And it works for other, more common conditions as well. “But the reality is that many of the health claims made about cannabis are wrong-headed and devoid of evidence,” Dr.

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It’s in Your Mouth and it Gives You Alzheimer’s

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There’s one major reason researchers have made little progress in the fight against Alzheimer’s…

They haven’t been able to find what causes it.

Some studies point to genetics. Others say it may be due to brain injuries or even viruses.

Now, a new paper published in the journal Science Advances shows that Alzheimer’s may come from a completely unexpected source.[i]

Scientists took samples of saliva, spinal fluid, and brain tissue from dead and living people.

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Never Let a Doctor Do This to Your Back

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One of mainstream medicine’s most prevalent (and lucrative) back treatments has been revealed as a fraud…

More than 44 million Americans suffer from low bone mass or osteoporosis. And one of the biggest threats to their health is a spinal fracture. Their vertebrae become so weak that their back can no longer support their weight.

Some 750,000 Americans suffer from spinal fractures every year.

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