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A Drink (or Two) a Day Stops Diabetes, Study Finds

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A drink or two a day can help you prevent diabetes.

That’s the surprising finding of a major new Danish study that followed more than 70,000 people.

It runs counter to the advice that doctors gave for years. They warned diabetics and prediabetics against drinking. They believed it caused dangerous blood sugar swings.1
But the new research shows the opposite is true—if you choose the right beverage.

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Study Reveals Simple, Fast Way to Fight Bone Loss

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A new study finds there’s an incredibly fast way to keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. It takes just one minute a day.

Researchers at two universities in England found that short, intense bursts of activity are more beneficial to bones than long hours of mild exercise.

Scientists studied data on more than 2,500 healthy women. About half were premenopausal.

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These 13 States Have a Potent Carcinogen in Their Water

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Is there cancer in your drinking water?

That’s a question all Americans should be asking after a shocking new water-quality report. It reveals a contamination problem so widespread that the danger could far surpass the terrible water crisis in Flint, Michigan.1

The study found a chemical called 1,2,3-trichloropropane (TCP) in water supplies throughout the country. It is a powerful carcinogen.

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