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One Fruit Can Save You From a Heart Attack

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If you go to your doctor and discover you have heart disease, chances are that you’ll be given a statin drug to lower your cholesterol.

And you may be prescribed a blood pressure drug and perhaps a blood thinner.

But a new study shows that your doctor may help you more by prescribing a cup of blueberries a day.

A research team fromBritain’s University of East Anglia collaborated with Harvard University.

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Never Let Your Dentist Do This…

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Overuse of antibiotics is rampant in the U.S. One study found that at least half of all antibiotics taken outside of a hospital are unnecessary.[i]

Not only do these drugs have serious side effects, but antibiotic overuse has led to drug-resistant superbugs. They now kill about 23,000 Americans every year.[ii]

You might be surprised to learn that dentists are among the most avid antibiotic prescribers.

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6 Foods That Lower Testosterone

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Men often look for ways to increase their testosterone as they get older.

The male hormone can diminish with age. That leads to weaker muscles, lower energy levels, and flagging libido.

Some men fight the shortage by using supplements that increase testosterone. Exercise can also help. And of course, testosterone medications will raise “low-T.”[1]

But guys might not realize that they can sabotage their efforts by eating certain foods that lower testosterone…


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Every Cancer Patient Should Take This Supplement

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About three-quarters of American adults are deficient in a crucial nutrient: vitamin D.

Many experts say we don’t get enough vitamin D because of the widespread use of sunscreen and constant warnings about skin cancer from sun exposure.

But the risks of low vitamin D may be worse than those from sunburn. Deficits of the “sunshine vitamin” are linked to heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and low immunity.

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The Best Exercise for Brain Health

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We’ve all heard that exercise is good for our brain as well as our body.

Research has consistently shown that people who work out regularly stay mentally sharper as they get older.

But what kind of exercise is best?

A new study set out to answer that question.[1]

Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Miami gave 876 seniors brain scans and tests that gauged thinking and memory skills.

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Big Pharma’s Pain Drug Con

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By now, we’ve all read the horror stories about opioid addiction.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from overdoses of prescription painkillers. And many others have had their lives destroyed in other ways after becoming addicted to these medications.

So now, many people suffering from pain understandably want to avoid OxyContin, Vicodin, and the other opioid pain pills that have killed so many people.

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