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Giving Up Meat Can Trigger Dementia

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For decades, mainstream doctors told us that we should eat less meat and eggs. They warned that animal foods were full of saturated fat and cholesterol that would make us put on weight and lead to heart disease. 

This “common wisdom” has been widely debunked. Even the American Heart Association now admits it was wrong to warn people against eating eggs. 

Eating less meat is a bad idea, too.

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The Surprising Cause of Your Allergies

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More people have allergies than ever before.

More people are taking heartburn drugs than ever before.[1]

A new study shows it’s not a coincidence. 

Researchers from Austria’s Medical University of Vienna looked at health insurance data from more than 8 million people.

They found that patients who took stomach-acid inhibitors had a surge in anti-allergy prescriptions. They were twice as likely to need allergy medication.

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Dark Chocolate Fights Depression

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There’s no doubt that chocolate tastes good. And when you eat something good, it makes you happy. 

But can chocolate actually treat depression? Scientists have debated this question for decades.

New research shows the answer may be yes.[1]

Researchers at University College London wanted to see if foods could provide depression relief.

They analyzed data from the United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

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10 High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating

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For decades, mainstream doctors told us that fat was a four-letter word.

They warned that that eating high-fat foods was the fastest way to obesity and a heart attack.[1] 

Starting in the 1950s, they advised us to cut out eggs, butter, meat, nuts, and other fatty foods and replace them with low-fat diet foods.

The result?

Obesity soared to record highs in the U.S.

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Think Twice Before Taking Daily Aspirin

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Daily aspirin does more harm than good in most people.

That’s the blunt message from Harvard doctors after a major new review. Some 29 million Americans take daily aspirin for heart health. But for the vast majority, aspirin is more likely to cause internal bleeding that leads to a stroke than it is to prevent a heart attack, the authors concluded.

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