Is Household Dust HURTING Your Immune System?

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Is Household Dust HURTING Your Immune System?

When it comes to dust lingering around your house, what comes to mind?

Sure, it’s probably an eye sore on your coffee table… and you probably feel like you’re constantly cleaning up.

But what about your health?

Dust accumulation in your house can lead to coughing… sneezing… allergies… asthma and other respiratory issues.

But unfortunately, those nagging issues are just scratching the surface when it comes to how dust can be hazardous to your health.

Dust – A Hotbed for Viruses?

There’s no way to completely avoid dust particles in your home… unless you want to whip out your duster 24/7 or have a maid on speed dial.

The majority of common dust particles are debris and dead skin, which often go unseen.

And because dust particles are so small, they can be inhaled and potentially evoke an immune reaction –usually, coughing or sneezing. For most folks, exposure to household dust is minor and the typical reactions to dust go away after a thorough cleaning.

But studies have found that dust can also serve as a fomite – a fancy term for anything that carries viruses and passes on infections.

In other words, the more dust you like accumulate and circulate in your home… the more your immune system has to go into overdrive just to help protect you from picking up a nasty virus or infection.

And aren’t our immune systems going through enough these days?!

Again, you can’t avoid being around dust. But you can take simple steps to limit your dust exposure without hiring a fleet of housecleaners.

One of the best things you can do to ensure quality air in your home is investing in an air purifier. Air purifiers can help eliminate dust, debris, and other harmful particles… and many models, these days, run very quietly and efficiently so you’re not surrounded by loud noises.

You should also regularly change the air filters in your home’s heating and cooling system. Home improvement stores sell all kinds of quality air filters that help trap pollutants from going through the heating and cooling vents in your home.

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