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Researchers Debunk the Big Lie About Diet Soda

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In 1963, Coca-Cola introduced Tab, its first “diet” soda. It was sweetened with cyclamates and saccharin instead of sugar.1

That’s when Big Food started telling a big lie about diet soda: that it could help you become thin while still allowing you to enjoy a sweet treat.

Millions of people believed it. After all, it seemed to make sense. If something had no calories…how could it be fattening?

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Emulsifiers Promote Colon Cancer, Study Finds

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Emulsifiers are added to processed foods to extend shelf life and aid texture. But a new study finds they can alter your gut bacteria in a way that promotes inflammation and triggers colon cancer.1

Big food makers started adding emulsifiers to their products around 1950. Around the same time, the incidence of colorectal cancer started rising in the U.S.2

It is now the second deadliest cancer.

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Why You Should Eat a Handful of Nuts Every Day

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An exhaustive medical analysis has revealed the amazing health benefits of nuts. Eating three-quarters of an ounce—about a handful—a day lowers your risk of diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, and cancer.

The study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, was led by researchers from Imperial College London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The massive analysis examines health data from 819,000 subjects across 29 international studies.

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Hate Having a Colonoscopy? Harvard Study Shows You Might Be Able to Skip It

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The colonoscopy may be the most-hated medical screening.

The prep is miserable. You have to fast the day before. And you have to take a laxative. This means hours of stomach cramping…and multiple emergency trips to the bathroom.

And the procedure itself is no picnic, either. It requires general anesthesia and a day of downtime. There is a risk of bowel perforation.

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Surprising Diet Secret of the World’s Oldest Person

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The world’s oldest person has lived to 117 by eating one food every day that cardiologists said would wreck her heart.

Emma Morano is the only living person known to have been alive during the 1800s. She was born on Nov. 29, 1899 in Verbania, Italy.

At age 20, Morano was diagnosed with anemia. Her doctor at the time told her to eat more eggs.

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