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Soda’s Biggest Health Danger Is Not What You Think

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By now we all know that soda and other sugary beverages are just about the worst thing you can drink.

Study after study shows that soda—diet or regular—makes you obese. 

But new research shows that getting fat is not the worst health effect. 

The study was published in The BMJ’s Clinical Research Edition. Researchers analyzed health data from 100,000 people. Scientists tracked the participants’ foods, drinks, and medical information for nine years.

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The Deadly Dangers of Heartburn Drugs

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It’s even worse than we thought…

In recent years, studies have made it clear that the heartburn drugs that many people pop without thinking can have serious side effects.

We’ve told you how they are associated with weak bones, pneumonia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, reduced kidney and liver function, and Alzheimer’s.[1] [2]

But a major new study shows that acid-reducing proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have other deadly dangers.

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Every Cancer Patient Should Take This Supplement

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About three-quarters of American adults are deficient in a crucial nutrient: vitamin D.

Many experts say we don’t get enough vitamin D because of the widespread use of sunscreen and constant warnings about skin cancer from sun exposure.

But the risks of low vitamin D may be worse than those from sunburn. Deficits of the “sunshine vitamin” are linked to heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and low immunity.

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6 Jobs That Can Give You Cancer

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Certain jobs are notorious for being dangerous.

Coal miners, police officers, convenience store clerks, and roofers, for example, generally know what they are getting into.

But some work risks are less visible, even if they are just as real.

Studies have found that people in several occupations are at far greater risk for cancer than the general population. Here are six jobs that increase your chances of developing the disease:


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7 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately

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“Waste not, want not” are wise words…but there are times when you shouldn’t follow them.  

If you hang on to certain items for too long, they can harm your health.

Here are seven things that you should toss before they hurt you:

1. Old sneakers. Paul Langer is a podiatrist and a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota. He points out that the cushioning on athletic shoes deteriorates quickly.

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Roundup Is Even Worse Than We Thought

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The widely used herbicide Roundup has made headlines lately because thousands of people say it gave them cancer.  

A federal jury recently ordered the maker of the chemical weed killer to pay $80 million to a 70-year-old man with cancer. The jury found that Roundup was a “substantial factor” in his illness.[i]

The World Health Organization calls glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, a “probable human carcinogen.”

Glyphosate is by far the most widely used herbicide in the U.S.

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