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6 Jobs That Can Give You Cancer

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Certain jobs are notorious for being dangerous.

Coal miners, police officers, convenience store clerks, and roofers, for example, generally know what they are getting into.

But some work risks are less visible, even if they are just as real.

Studies have found that people in several occupations are at far greater risk for cancer than the general population. Here are six jobs that increase your chances of developing the disease:


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Nocturia Isn’t Just a Nuisance

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Editor’s Note: This week in Health Watch, we’re tackling one of the most common—and frustrating—issues men face as they get older… Getting up to pee multiple times a night. We’ll reveal why it happens and what you can do about it… And how to finally get a good night’s sleep.

Most men get up once or so a night to use the bathroom.

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Enlarged Prostate? Beware of These Dangerous Drugs

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If you walk into your doctor’s office with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, chances are you’ll walk out with a hormone-based drug.

These medications are a standard treatment. They include the drugs Avodart and Proscar. But a new study shows that when you take them, it’s likely you’ll only be trading one health problem for another.

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Does Vasectomy Give Men Prostate Cancer? Mayo Clinic Study Answers…

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Most men are nervous enough about getting a vasectomy. And for three decades, conflicting studies haven’t made them feel any better.

Some researchers warned that the birth control procedure increases chances of prostate cancer.1

Scientists at the famed Mayo Clinic recently set out to settle the controversy. They just completed a large review of the past 30 years of vasectomy studies to determine if cancer fears are justified.

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Scientists Discover Three Natural Cancer Killers

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A new study has discovered three natural food compounds that starve cancer cells.

Scientists from the University of Texas did something called a “high-throughput screening” of dozens of plant-based substances with cancer-fighting potential. This is a method that uses computer simulations to predict how compounds will affect cancer cells.1

Out of 142 substances, three showed the most promise: ursolic acid, curcumin, and resveratrol.

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