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The Surprising Truth About Low T

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When we think of low testosterone, we often think of older guys who’ve lost their mojo. 

They may have sexual problems. They may lack the energy of their younger days. And their muscle may have given way to flab. 

But researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that low T is far from a condition of aging. It hits younger and middle-aged men in surprisingly high numbers.Read More

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COVID Increases Men’s Risk of Erectile Dysfunction by Nearly 600%, Study Finds

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Researchers at the University of Rome discovered that getting COVID-19 dramatically increases the chances that a man will suffer erectile dysfunction (ED).

The scientists gathered data from 985 sexually active men. They found that those who tested positive for the coronavirus were 5.66 times more likely to later develop trouble with sexual performance. That number held true even after the study adjusted for other ED-related risk factors such as age, obesity, and mental health status.… Read More

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What Every Man Needs to Know About Prostate Cancer

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When your doctor delivers the terrible news that you have cancer, the last thing you want to worry about is whether his treatment recommendation is motivated by profit.

But a study found that men with prostate cancer have good reason for concern.

The standard prostate cancer treatments are surgery, radiation, and watchful waiting, also called active surveillance.

Watchful waiting means having regular checkups to make sure the tumor isn’t spreading.… Read More

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Enlarged Prostate? Don’t Let Your Doctor Do This…

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It’s a surgery no man would ever want. But for decades, it’s been the standard treatment for a severely enlarged prostate.

When a man’s prostate expands to the point that he can’t urinate, his doctor usually recommends a procedure called TURP. It stands for transurethral resection of the prostate.[1]

During a TURP operation, men are given a general anesthesia. The surgeon gains access to the prostate by inserting an instrument into the tip of the penis.… Read More

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The COVID Complication Every Man Should Know About

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When the pandemic began, it looked like COVID-19 was simply a deadlier version of flu. It seemed to cause flu-like symptoms that turned into severe pneumonia in some patients.

But the longer the pandemic goes on, the more we find that there’s far more to coronavirus than meets the eye.

It’s really nothing like the flu. Besides being far more lethal, it causes all kinds of unexpected complications.… Read More

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4 Natural Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

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When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, his first move often is to reach for the “little blue pill.” But contrary to TV commercials, Viagra is not a perfect solution.

For one in three men, it simply doesn’t work.

And others don’t like the uncomfortable side effects, which include headaches and a stuffy nose.[1]

In rare cases, the side effects can be much worse than an inconvenience.… Read More