Low-Fat Diet Lowers Testosterone in Men

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For years, mainstream doctors had a simple mantra for people trying to lose weight…

Cut fat to lose fat. 

A low-fat diet—especially one low in animal fats—was touted as the best way to slim down. 

The food industry saw it as an opportunity to create a whole new range of products. Fat-free products flew off store shelves.

Low-fat eating became a way of life for many of us.

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Men’s Beards Have More Germs Than Dog Fur

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Beards are fashionable these days, but there’s stuff lurking in them that can make you sick, a new study found.

The study was published in the journal European Radiology. Researchers took samples from the beards of men and the fur of dogs. They were looking for any dangerous bacteria. They wanted to see if it was safe for people to use the same MRI scanners that dogs are sometimes scanned in.

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Prostate Drugs Can Trigger Diabetes, Study Finds

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An enlarged prostate can make a man miserable.

It can cause him to constantly feel like he has to pee. This makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

And that’s just the beginning…

Sitting through a long meeting, going on long car rides, or getting through a plane flight without getting up multiple times to use the bathroom can be impossible.

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5 Natural Sleep Aids That Aren’t Melatonin

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Editor’s Note: This week in Health Watch, we’ve been talking about nocturia… How it cuts into your sleep and not only ruins your nights, but your days, too. Yesterday you found out how a urinary tract infection may be the real culprit behind your nocturia symptoms. Today, you’ll discover proven, natural ways to help you finally get a good night’s sleep.
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This Weird ‘Pee Problem’ Affects Men, Too?

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Editor’s Note: We’re taking on one of the most common—and frustrating—health issues men face as they get older… Getting up to pee at night, or nocturia. Friday, you discovered two common reasons you go so much. Today, we’re going deeper into one you may not know much about…

It has a reputation for being a female problem. But urinary tract infections (UTIs) can affect men, too.

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