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One Supplement May Hold the Key to Preventing Alzheimer’s

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Mainstream medicine has no answers for Alzheimer’s.

Five different prescription drugs have been approved to treat the disease. But they are virtually useless. They don’t do anything to stop—or even slow down—the disease. At best, all they do is temporarily make the symptoms less severe.[1]

And prevention? 

Conventional doctors don’t have the first clue, short of telling you to avoid getting concussions.

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Hearing Going? You Need to Do This.

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When your hearing starts going, it’s more than just a matter of not being able to hear people or needing to turn up the volume on the TV. 

Studies have established that hearing loss affects you in other ways. It is strongly linked to dementia, anxiety, depression, falling, and problems walking.

Now, new research has found a simple way to lower your risk of having these issues.

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The Superfood You Already Eat (But Need More Of)

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Health websites are full of information about “superfoods.”

Often they come from strange plants grown in exotic places. Goji berries from China, maca root from the Andes Mountains, and spirulina from Mexico are three examples. 

But the most powerful superfood is one that you are familiar with.

You probably eat it regularly. But recent studies show that more is better.

Researchers have found that it prevents heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and extends lifespan. 

We’re talking about nuts

A new Harvard study may be the largest ever that examined the health effects of eating tree nuts.

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Do This for 2 Minutes to Slash Your Alzheimer’s Risk

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It has long been known that exercise is one of the best ways to prevent age-related dementia.

A new study shows you don’t need a major time investment to keep your brain sharp as you age. Just two minutes a week can do it…if you choose the right kind of exercise. 

The research was done at Scotland’s Abertay University. Investigators enlisted 17 inactive people between the ages of 60 and 75.

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Why Einstein Walked to Work

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It was a familiar sight around Princeton University… The man with the world’s most powerful brain was walking on the side of the road. 

People in cars would often stop and ask if he wanted a ride.

But Albert Einstein always refused. He insisted that the daily mile-and-a-half walk from his home to his university office was crucial to his thinking skills.

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Here’s What Happens When You Read Every Day

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People read for all kinds of reasons.

We pick up a newspaper because we want to stay informed. We look at a magazine to be entertained. Or we read a book to get knowledge and insights we can’t get anywhere else. 

But studies show that reading has other benefits that are less obvious but just as profound: 

  • Sharper mind. Regular reading increases your vocabulary.
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