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One Nutrient Protects You (and Your Grandchildren) From Alzheimer’s

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Watching a parent or grandparent suffer with Alzheimer’s is not only sad…it’s terrifying. That’s because you may be looking at your future.

Alzheimer’s can run in families. So if a relative has it, the chances are greater that dementia is in your future as well.

But now new research shows there may be a way to stop Alzheimer’s from being passed from one generation to the next.

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They Took Almost 10 Years Off Their Brain Age by Doing This

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They were older folks who could feel their mental sharpness slipping away. But they didn’t have dementia…at least not yet.

They had bouts of forgetfulness, but they could still function in everyday life.

Scientists did a unique experiment to find out if their thinking skills could be restored. By the end of the study, one group of seniors took nearly 10 years off their brain age.

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Brain Discovery Reveals Secret to Preventing Alzheimer’s

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Scientists have long known that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the accumulation of abnormal protein tangles in the brain. They are called amyloid plaques. And they prevent brain cells from functioning normally.

To find a cure for Alzheimer’s, scientists have focused on blood flow to the brain. This makes sense, since blood brings oxygen and nutrients that feed brain cells and clear out amyloid plaques.

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