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Why People in India Rarely Get Alzheimer’s

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A new study finds that adding one spice to your daily diet can improve your memory by 28%.1

As we age, many of us encounter a decrease in our recall powers. Researchers believe the culprit is inflammation that leads to the development of brain plaques.2

The plaques are composed of proteins called tau and amyloids. As they accumulate, brain cell signaling gets slower, leading to memory problems.

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Big Pharma Pushes Little Red Pill on Helpless Nursing Home Residents

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Big Pharma’s greed knows no bounds… They are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars targeting frail and elderly nursing home residents with a phony Alzheimer’s pill.1

And much of the profit comes straight from your tax dollars.

The pill is called Nuedexta. It is FDA approved to treat a rare disorder marked by sudden and uncontrollable laughing or crying.

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Can Pine Bark Save the NFL?

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The research is clear: Concussions early in life can cause dementia years later. The problem is so serious in the NFL that the league is spending over $700 million in court-ordered payments to retired football players suffering brain impairment.1

Some players have prematurely quit because of worries about dementia. And recently, even an announcer quit over the issue. ESPN analyst Ed Cunningham said he no longer wanted to promote a sport that causes brain damage.

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