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Hidden Heart Danger Doctors Don’t Talk About

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Celebrity fitness trainer Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser seemingly enjoyed perfect health. He ate right, exercised every day, and passed his physical exams with flying colors.

On TV, he looked indestructible.

But last year, at age 52, Harper suffered a massive heart attack. He went into cardiac arrest while working out at a New York City gym.

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Surprising Reason Your Muscles Shrink as You Age

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The old saying “use it or lose it” pushes some of us to lift weights to retain muscle as we age. But a new study shows that lack of exercise is not the only reason we lose strength as we get older.

Researchers found a larger cause of muscle loss. And it can be prevented with a simple diet change.

We typically start losing muscle mass around age 40.

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We’re Losing the War on Superbugs… Here’s How to Win

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Go to the doctor with a sore throat and chances are you’ll walk out with a prescription for antibiotics. This is true even though it’s likely antibiotics won’t help you in the least.

That’s because most upper respiratory infections that cause sore throats are viral, not bacterial. And antibiotics are powerless against viruses.1

The result of all this unnecessary prescribing?

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