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The Big Artificial Sweetener Lie

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If you ask most people why they use artificial sweeteners, they’ll give you one of two answers…

They’ll tell you they use them to lose weight. 

Or they’ll say they use them because they are worried about diabetes.

What they don’t know is this…

Artificial sweeteners make you fatter, not thinner. And as a result, they raise, instead of lower, your risk of type 2 diabetes. 

The latest study backing this up was published in the journal Current Atherosclerosis Reports.

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Clean Air Quickly Improves Health

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There’s no doubt that air pollution is bad for your health. Studies show breathing dirty air can trigger heart disease, cancer, strokes, cognitive problems, lung disease, and diabetes.[i] 

But, until a new study came out, nobody knew how fast your health improved when you started to breathe cleaner air. 

The Environmental Committee of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies looked at what happened in specific instances when the air became cleaner in certain cities.

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This Common Heart Drug Does More Harm Than Good

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Some 6 million Americans have been told they have heart failure. It is a grim diagnosis.

More than half will die within five years of finding out they have the condition.

And before they die, life will not be easy.

Their legs may swell with fluid. They may be out of breath after just taking a few steps.

Simple physical tasks may become impossible.

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These Drugs Don’t Play Well Together

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The testing process for new drugs is straightforward…

One group of patients takes the drug. Another takes a placebo. If the group taking the drug improves more than those taking a placebo, the drug may be approved for sale by the FDA. 

Here’s the problem…

In the real world, people often take multiple drugs. One survey found that, on average, 45-year-olds take four different prescription drugs every day.

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Hair Dye Increases Breast Cancer Risk

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There have been concerns for years that chemical hair dyes and straighteners cause health problems in women. 

Pregnant women have long been told to avoid hair dyes. But the cosmetic industry and the FDA insisted there was no evidence these products are dangerous. 

A major new study changes that. 

Scientists from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences followed the hair-product use of 46,709 women for eight years.

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Stomach Troubles? Never Let Your Doctor Give You This Drug

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Instant relief.  

If you suffer from heartburn, that’s how you’ll feel the first time you take Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid. These big-selling drugs—called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)—stop your stomach from producing acid. 

Without acid, the burning, often-excruciating pain of heartburn goes away. 

Problem solved, right? 

Actually, your problems are just beginning.

Studies have made it clear that the PPIs that many people pop without thinking have serious side effects.

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