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Cellphones Are Giving People Brain Cancer, Prominent Scientist Warns

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Radiation researcher Joel Moskowitz has warned about the adverse health effects of cellphones for more than a decade.  

But few people are willing to listen, he says.  

“People are addicted to their smartphones,” he said. “We use them for everything now. I think the idea that they’re potentially harming our health is too much for some people.”i  

Moskowitz is director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Family and Community Health.Read More

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Post-Vaccination Vacation? Beware of What’s Lurking in the Hotel Pool 

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After COVID vaccinations rolled out, many people started taking long-delayed vacations.  

And for a lot of folks, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without lounging around a pool.  

But a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that using swimming pools at hotels, resorts, and other public places carries surprising risk. 

The study documented hundreds of disease outbreaks in recent years from contaminated pools and hot tubs.Read More

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How to Stay Away from the “Everywhere Chemical”

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It’s in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the clothes you wear.  

It’s likely in the chair you’re sitting on, the phone in your pocket, and the glasses on your face.i 

One study found that over 90% of Americans now have measurable amounts of it in their urine.ii 

It’s a group of chemicals called phthalates. They are used to make plastics more flexible. Read More

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Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Popular Sunscreens

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Dozens of sunscreen brands contain a potent carcinogen that can be absorbed through the skin.i 

That’s the alarming finding of a new analysis. It found benzene in 78 sunscreen and after-sun products.  

We recently told you that benzene also had been discovered in hand sanitizers. The chemical is linked to leukemia, multiple myeloma, and lymphoma.  

The International Agency for Research on Cancer puts benzene in its highest risk category of carcinogens, on par with radioactive materials, asbestos, and formaldehyde.Read More

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Beware of the “July Effect”

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Only about 11% of surgeries are considered “emergencies” that have to be performed immediately. With the other 89%, there is some flexibility on when they can be scheduled.[1]

But if you are considering having a procedure in July, perhaps you should reconsider.

It’s because of something researchers have dubbed the “July Effect.”[2]

July is the month medical residents fresh out of med school typically start their new jobs.… Read More

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Lead in Your Glassware: What You Need to Know

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Whether you see the glass as half full or half empty, researchers have discovered something alarming about drinking glasses…

A study at the University of Plymouth tested 72 drinking glass products, including tumblers, beer and wine glasses, and jars.

Scientists found that more than 70% of them contained lead and cadmium.[1]

In some products with enameled rims, they found that lead concentrations were an astounding thousand-fold higher than the recommended limit.… Read More