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Common Blood Pressure Drug May Do More Harm Than Good

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The most widely used type of blood pressure drug may do more harm than good for your heart, according to a major new study.

A research team led by Pennsylvania State University looked at L-type calcium channel blockers (LCCBs). These include verapamil (Calan, Isoptin) and diltiazen (Cardizem).[1]

LCCBs work by keeping excessive calcium from entering blood vessel cells. Too much calcium causes the vessels to become thick and stiff, which raises blood pressure.

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Study Shows Docs Give 71% of Coronavirus Patients Useless Antibiotics

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Penicillin has been called the greatest advancement in the history of medicine.[1]

Since its discovery in 1928, penicillin, the world’s first antibiotic, has saved millions of people from dying of pneumonia, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, strep, and other previously untreatable bacterial illnesses.

One researcher estimated that penicillin has prevented some 200 million deaths. That’s the equivalent of saving the life of every American living east of the Mississippi River.

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New Diabetes Drugs Triple Risk for Deadly Side Effect

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In 2013, a new class of diabetes drugs was approved by the FDA. It was hailed as a breakthrough.

The medications were called SGLT2 inhibitors. They included Invokana (canagliflozin), Farxiga, (dapagliflozin), and Jardiance (empagliflozin).

The drugs worked by causing the kidneys to remove more blood sugar.

SGLT2 inhibitors were touted as providing superior blood sugar control for type 2 diabetics with no serious side effects.

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CBD: Buy It From a Company You Trust

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CBD is an effective natural remedy for a wide range of health conditions…but it comes with a catch.

A new FDA report shows that not all CBD is created equal.

Fewer than half of CBD products contain the amount of the cannabidiol shown on the label.

Out of 102 products tested, just 45% had anything close to the amount of CBD indicated on the label.

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Why Flossing Is More Important than Ever

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Many dentists’ offices have started to reopen. However, wary patients are staying away.

They rightly fear that sitting with their mouths wide open for long stretches is not a risk worth taking as the coronavirus continues to rampage through the country. Many of us have decided to skip checkups and routine cleanings for now.

The American Dental Association reports that patient volume is less than 60% of what it was before the pandemic.

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A New Way Sugar Is Terrible for You

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There are good reasons nutritionists consider sugar public enemy number one.

Gary Taubes, author of the best-selling exposé The Case Against Sugar, says the sweet substance is nothing less than a toxin.

And science backs him up.

Studies link sugar consumption to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.[1]

Now, new research has found yet another way sugar is terrible for you.

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