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Vitamin Deficiency May Lead to Breast Cancer 

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The standard treatments for breast cancer have largely remained the same for decades. They are chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery.  

The side effects of any of the three can be devastating. Women may lose their hair. They may get so nauseated they can’t eat. They may become painfully thin. That’s just the beginning. And that’s on top of losing a breast to mastectomy.Read More

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5 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

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This year more than 280,000 American women will be told by their doctors that they have invasive breast cancer. More than 43,000 will die from it.

One out of every eight women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives. The fact that it is so widespread and so deadly makes breast cancer perhaps the disease women most fear.… Read More

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End Your Mammogram Nightmare

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If you’re a woman over 40, you likely know the ritual…

Each year or two, you go off to the gynecologist to get a mammogram. 

It is not a pleasant experience. 

During the test, your breasts are compressed between two plastic imaging plates while they are X-rayed. For some women, it’s merely uncomfortable. For others, it can be so painful that they take aspirin or ibuprofen ahead of time. … Read More

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One Food Helps You Make Up for a Lifetime of Health Mistakes

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Health regrets? Most of us have a few. 

Maybe you were a smoker. Maybe you didn’t exercise enough or eat right. 

And now that you’re older, it’s catching up to you. 

Not only is your body out of shape, your mind is not as sharp as it used to be. 

New research shows that one food can help seniors overcome a lifetime of health sins to delay brain aging.… Read More

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6 Jobs That Can Give You Cancer

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Certain jobs are notorious for being dangerous.

Coal miners, police officers, convenience store clerks, and roofers, for example, generally know what they are getting into.

But some work risks are less visible, even if they are just as real.

Studies have found that people in several occupations are at far greater risk for cancer than the general population. Here are six jobs that increase your chances of developing the disease:

1.Read More

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7 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately

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“Waste not, want not” are wise words…but there are times when you shouldn’t follow them.  

If you hang on to certain items for too long, they can harm your health.

Here are seven things that you should toss before they hurt you:

1. Old sneakers. Paul Langer is a podiatrist and a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota. He points out that the cushioning on athletic shoes deteriorates quickly.… Read More