The SIMPLEST Movement Stops Knee Pain?!

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It’s something you learned how to do when you were a toddler…

And ironically, it may be the key to reviving the wear-and-tear you might be feeling in your knees!

Folks, I’m talking about the routine act of WALKING.

Sure, it may not be as hip or cool as running, going to a spin class, or even lifting weights…

But new research says this time-tested, simple movement is one of the most effective ways to help stop knee pain that could be slowing you down.

And best of all, you don’t have to walk for hours-on-end to benefit!

Walking Fends off Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

According to a study recently published in The New York Times, a consistent walking routine can help fend off chronic knee pain associated with osteoarthritis – the most common form of arthritis.

The study looked at adults over the age of 50 who were diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees and found that only 26% of the folks who walked for exercise experienced on-going knee pain.

On the other hand, 37% of the folks who DIDN’T walk said they continued to experience knee pain.

That 11% difference may not seem like a lot… but if you suffer from knee pain, you know that any bit of relief goes a long way.

And with summer in full swing, now’s a great time to strap on your shoes and get out for a walk.

If you’re already engaged in a consistent walking routine… keep it going! And if you can squeeze in some extra steps in the process, it’s only going to help you (and the extra daylight during the summer will also help).

If you find it challenging to get in some quality steps, remember… you don’t have to get all your walking in at one time.

A quick 20-30 minute stroll in the morning… followed by another 20-30 minutes later in the day is a great way to stay active without feeling like you’re committing a ton of time.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis (or knee pain), be sure to talk to you doctor about how to best incorporate walking into your daily routine.

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