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Why Einstein Walked to Work

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It was a familiar sight around Princeton University… The man with the world’s most powerful brain was walking on the side of the road. 

People in cars would often stop and ask if he wanted a ride.

But Albert Einstein always refused. He insisted that the daily mile-and-a-half walk from his home to his university office was crucial to his thinking skills.

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Here’s What Happens When You Read Every Day

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People read for all kinds of reasons.

We pick up a newspaper because we want to stay informed. We look at a magazine to be entertained. Or we read a book to get knowledge and insights we can’t get anywhere else. 

But studies show that reading has other benefits that are less obvious but just as profound: 

  • Sharper mind. Regular reading increases your vocabulary.
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Plant-Based Diet Puts Your Brain at Risk

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In just the last three years, there has been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans.[1]

It’s easy to see why…

Health organizations increasingly recommend “plant-based” eating. Books and op-ed columns extol the virtues of giving up meat.[2]

Celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Carrie Underwood, Paul McCartney, Ariana Grande, and Brad Pitt say they have gone vegan.[3] [4]

Veganism (eating no animal foods) and vegetarianism (eating no meat, but consuming eggs and/or dairy) are touted as being healthier, better for the environment, and more ethical.

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Think Declining Memory ‘Just Comes With Age’? Think Again.

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It’s natural to start to lose your mental edge as you get older, right? Forgetfulness and memory loss are inevitable as the years pass, aren’t they?

That common belief is false, according to a new report in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

The world’s top geriatrics researchers say mounting evidence shows that the true cause of cognitive decline is disease… Aging is not the culprit.

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The Surprising Factor That Drives Longevity

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Doctors have known for decades that two major factors lead to a long life: genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

But a new study shows there’s something else that strongly influences how long we will live. 

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine analyzed mental outlook of more than 70,000 people. The scientists followed the subjects for up to 30 years.[1]

The researchers found that optimistic people had 11-15% longer lifespans.

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Meditation Restores Mental Sharpness

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There’s strong clinical evidence that meditation can effectively treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even drug addiction.[1]

Now, a new study shows that it can help people restore memory loss caused by aging.

The research was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Scientists looked at subjects between 55 and 90 with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). It’s often the first step toward Alzheimer’s.

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