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Puzzles Make Your Brain 8 Years Younger, Study Finds

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The idea that puzzles can slow brain aging is controversial.

Some neurologists strongly recommend puzzles like crosswords and sudoku as a way to keep your mind sharp into old age. Others say they don’t help your brain do anything better…other than puzzles.

But major new research shows that crossword and sudoku puzzles are extremely effective in preserving mental sharpness.

The two studies were published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

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Broccoli Compound Fights Mental Illness

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Mainstream doctors have long been baffled by schizophrenia. They don’t know what causes it. And they don’t have a cure for it.

It’s one of the most common mental illnesses. About 3.5 million Americans have it. And it can be completely debilitating, causing patients to hallucinate and experience delusions.

The first-line treatment is antipsychotic drugs. Some patients are given electroconvulsive therapy.

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Why You Should Eat Dark Chocolate Every Day

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Italian researchers recently published the largest analysis ever of how eating chocolate affects the brain. It looked at both the short-term effects (what happens to your brain in the minutes after eat chocolate) and the long-term effects (what happens when you eat chocolate daily for years).

When the study was over, the results were so convincing they led scientists to offer this advice: “Eat some dark chocolate every day.”1

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