6 Jobs That Can Give You Cancer

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Certain jobs are notorious for being dangerous.

Coal miners, police officers, convenience store clerks, and roofers, for example, generally know what they are getting into.

But some work risks are less visible, even if they are just as real.

Studies have found that people in several occupations are at far greater risk for cancer than the general population. Here are six jobs that increase your chances of developing the disease:

1. Barber/hairstylist. A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that barbers and hairstylists are significantly more likely to develop bladder, larynx, and lung cancer. The National Cancer Institute believes that this may be due to repeated exposure to hair dyes.[i] [ii]

2. Flight attendant/airline pilot. Spending time high in the air, where the atmosphere is thinner, exposes you to higher levels of cosmic radiation. It can lead to cancer-causing cell mutations. Flight crews have a higher risk of colon, stomach, liver, thyroid, uterine, cervical, and pancreatic cancers. Female flight attendants are 50% more likely than other women to get breast cancer.[iii]

3. Night-shift worker. “Circadian rhythm” refers to your body’s inner clock. Daily biological cycles are largely controlled by exposure to daylight and darkness. If you stay awake at night and sleep during the day, your circadian rhythm is disrupted. A study from MIT shows that disruption leads to accumulation in your cells of the protein c-myc. It promotes tumor growth.[iv]

4. Office worker. Jobs that require long hours of sitting are linked to a 24% higher risk of colon cancer. For women, office work raises the odds of endometrial cancer by 32%.[v]

5. Plastics worker. Chemicals linked to cancer are commonly used in plastics manufacturing. Workers in the plastics industry are at greater risk for kidney, liver, and larynx cancers.[vi]

6. Farmer. Farmers and their family members have higher-than-average rates of leukemia and multiple myeloma. They are also more likely to get stomach, prostate, and brain cancers. A decades-long research project called the Agricultural Health Study blames exposure to pesticides, engine exhaust, fertilizers, fuels, solvents, and animal viruses.[vii]

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