Hard Day Ahead? Do This in the Morning

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When you have a big day at work ahead of you, perhaps you prepare by getting a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, you might make sure to eat a hearty breakfast. And you probably will start thinking about the tasks in front of you, anticipating problems and how to overcome them.

A new study shows there’s something else you should do.

The research was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Scientists looked at 65 people ages 55 to 80.[1]

Simple Trick to Get a Mental Edge at Work

Subjects walked for a half hour in the morning. Sometimes they also took three-minute walking breaks during the day.

The research team then assessed subjects’ mental abilities. Scientists tested the participants’ ability to concentrate, decision-making, working memory, and visual learning.

Early morning walking improved all of these cognitive skills. It also increased subjects’ levels of neurotropic growth factor. That’s a protein needed for the survival and growth of brain cells.[2]

The bottom line?

If you have a hard day ahead, take a half-hour walk before you start work. And if you can swing it, take brief walking breaks through the day.

You may find that you’re more alert, better focused, and more productive.

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