Sunscreen Chemicals Get Into Your Bloodstream… Here’s a Safer Alternative

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When we put sunscreen on, most of us figure that it provides an outside layer of protection against UV rays. Then, when we get back inside, we can wash it off.

But new research shows that it’s not that simple.

Scientists recently discovered that sunscreen chemicals penetrate your skin and get into your bloodstream.

The study was published in the JAMA Network. Researchers at the Food and Drug Administration gave 24 subjects different sunscreens. They included sprays, creams, and lotions.[1]

After a week of sunscreen use, the participants took blood tests.  For anybody who uses sunscreen regularly, the results were alarming…

The subjects had four sunscreen chemicals circulating in their blood. They included oxybenzone, octocrylene, avobenzone, and ecamsule. The quantities were far beyond what the FDA considers safe.

Here’s why you don’t want these chemicals in your body:

  • Oxybenzone is linked to endocrine disorders. These can lead to issues like fatigue, anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, and sexual dysfunction.[2]
  • Ecamsule is unsafe “at any concentration,” according to the FDA.[3]
  • Octocrylene and avobenzone have not been studied to determine their health effects. Scientists have no idea what happens when they enter your bloodstream.

David Andrews is a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group. It’s a nonprofit consumer research organization. He said that sunscreen chemical manufacturers have “resisted common sense safety testing” for their ingredients.[4]

The 5 Best (and 4 Worst) Sunscreens

Don’t routinely use sunscreen. It blocks your body’s ability to make vitamin D and nitric oxide. Both are crucial to good health.

Instead, apply sunscreen only when you are in danger of burning.

And here’s the most important advice… Don’t use chemical sunscreens.

Instead, stick to sunscreens with a base of zinc and/or titanium.

The Environmental Working Group annually ranks sunscreens based on their safety and effectiveness. Here are five brands that get the highest ratings:[5]

  • All Terrain
  • Babo Botanicals
  • Badger
  • Blue Lizard
  • ThinkSport

Four products that got the lowest ratings are Banana Boat, Neutrogena, Panama Jack, and CVS brand.

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