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Bug Bites Driving You Crazy? Don’t Scratch. Do This Instead.

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We’ve all been warned that we shouldn’t scratch bug bites because it can lead to infections. And you probably know from personal experience that scratching actually makes them itch even more.[1]

But in the moment, scratching feels so good. It’s hard to resist.

New research has found a way to get the satisfying feeling of scratching without increasing the itch or risking an infection.… Read More

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The Hidden Danger of Sunscreen Chemicals

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Most of us slather sunscreen on our bodies without giving it a second thought. 

We figure we’re being diligent by avoiding sunburn. And after the sunscreen has done its job and we shower it off, it’s gone. 

Except it’s not. 

A new study shows that our bodies absorb alarming amounts of sunscreen chemicals. 

The research was conducted by the FDA. Scientists had 48 healthy volunteers use one of four sunscreen sprays or lotions.… Read More

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Sunscreen Chemicals Get Into Your Bloodstream… Here’s a Safer Alternative

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When we put sunscreen on, most of us figure that it provides an outside layer of protection against UV rays. Then, when we get back inside, we can wash it off.

But new research shows that it’s not that simple.

Scientists recently discovered that sunscreen chemicals penetrate your skin and get into your bloodstream.

The study was published in the JAMA Network.… Read More

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The Best Natural Remedy for Sunburn

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Most of us figure that after we get sunburned, there’s not much we can do to ease the suffering.

Aloe gel or a cold bath might help a bit. But for the most part, we are doomed to suffer… At least for a day or two.

Now, a new study finds there is an effective, natural remedy. Researchers have discovered that taking a single high dose of vitamin D within an hour of being sunburned eases the sting.… Read More