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The Pandemic No One Is Talking About

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What’s the number one cause of human death?

You might choose one of the major diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

Or maybe malaria, which has killed millions in Africa and Asia.

Smoking is another major underlying cause of mortality.

Of course, coronavirus is currently unleashing rampant death around the globe.

But a new study finds that one killer is far more lethal than any of these.

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How to Tell If Someone Is Too Old for Surgery

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It’s a common dilemma faced by older people…

They need surgery for an urgent health problem, but their doctor doesn’t know if they are strong enough to withstand the operation. 

It can be a difficult decision for both the patient and the doctor. A life hangs in the balance. 

Typically, the decision on whether to operate is made on the basis of physical health.

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Coronavirus Doesn’t Spread the Way You Think

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We wipe down our door knobs. We disinfect other “high-touch” surfaces. We even worry about whether the mail is bringing coronavirus into our homes.

But it turns out that we may not need to agonize so much about whether surfaces are contaminated with the coronavirus.

As the pandemic goes on, researchers are learning more about how people get infected. And they have discovered that face-to-face transmission—not catching the virus from touching a contaminated surface—is responsible for most of the spread.

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He Meditates Every Day. Here’s What It Did to His Brain.

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Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche is a Buddhist monk. He meditates every day. He has done so since his early teens.

Scientists wondered if it had an impact on his brain. So they took MRI scans.

What they found astounded them.

Rinpoche did not have the brain of someone his age. His brain looked almost 10 years younger.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

The study was published in the journal Neurocase.

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Hate Face Masks? You Need to Read This.

In All Health Watch, Coronavirus, Featured Article, Health Warning by Garry Messick2 Comments

Advice about face masks is all over the map…

You may have heard that they do nothing to protect you. They only stop you from spreading coronavirus if you’re infected.

You may have also heard that you shouldn’t wear face masks because there is a shortage of them and medical professionals need them more than you do.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted this in February: “Seriously people—STOP BUYING MASKS!

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Big Pharma’s Painkiller Fraud

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that opioid painkillers have caused a deadly wave of addiction in the U.S. over the last decade.

More than 400,000 Americans have died from overdoses. Many thousands more have been turned into addicts, their lives destroyed after their doctors prescribed them pain medications that Big Pharma swore were safe.[1]

But through all the death, addiction, and pharmaceutical industry lies, one thing was assumed to be true: Opioids effectively reduce pain.

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