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Don’t Fall for the Statin Hoax

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We’ve been telling you for years that statin drugs to lower cholesterol are vastly overprescribed.

Mainstream doctors hand them out like candy on Halloween. But here’s what they won’t tell you… More than 75% of people who suffer heart attacks have normal or low levels of cholesterol.1

Despite this fact, nearly 30% of Americans over 40 take a statin. And that number keeps growing.

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Burt Reynolds: The Ticking Time Bomb That Killed Him

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After Burt Reynolds had heart bypass surgery in 2010, he felt like many others who have the procedure.

He said he felt great because he had “brand new pipes.” 1
Reynolds, like most patients and their doctors, believed that if you make it through the surgery and the immediate aftermath, you are out of the woods… Your heart arteries are clean, so you are no longer at high risk for a heart attack.

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