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COVID Stress: One Type of Food Brings Relief

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It’s not getting any easier.

More than a year into the pandemic, Americans say they are more stressed out than at any time since the coronavirus crisis began.[1]

A recent nationwide poll found that 84% of those surveyed reported at least one episode of prolonged stress in the previous two weeks.

Many people are turning to pharmaceutical medications for relief.

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What Really Killed Rush Limbaugh

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The media world was rocked by Rush Limbaugh’s death on Wednesday at age 70.

His wife Kathryn announced that he died from complications of lung cancer.

Before he died, the famed radio personality told listeners that he began suffering from shortness of breath about a year ago. He went to a doctor, and his grim cancer diagnosis followed just days later.

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COVID Vaccine: Is This a Safe Alternative?

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Many people are wary of coronavirus vaccines because they were tested for just a few months before being rolled out to the public under Operation Warp Speed.

Normally, vaccines are go through rigorous clinical trials that last 10 years or even longer.[1]

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation reveals that there may be an effective alternative in the fight to stop the pandemic: a very old vaccine with a proven track record of safety.

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Enlarged Prostate? Don’t Let Your Doctor Do This…

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It’s a surgery no man would ever want. But for decades, it’s been the standard treatment for a severely enlarged prostate.

When a man’s prostate expands to the point that he can’t urinate, his doctor usually recommends a procedure called TURP. It stands for transurethral resection of the prostate.[1]

During a TURP operation, men are given a general anesthesia. The surgeon gains access to the prostate by inserting an instrument into the tip of the penis.

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The Secret Weapon Against High Blood Pressure

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When it comes to high blood pressure, sodium seems to get all the attention. Cutting out salt is likely the first advice your doctor will offer if your numbers are high.

Sodium raises your blood pressure by pulling water into your blood vessels. This raises your total blood volume which, in turn, increases your blood pressure. Reduce your sodium and you lower your blood pressure.

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The Natural Way Women Can Reignite Bedroom Passion

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Big Pharma’s attempt to super-charge women’s love lives is a big fail.

The drug filbanserin, a little pink pill for women, hit the market in 2015 with great fanfare. It was supposed to be “Viagra for women.”

But women refused to buy into the hype… And rightfully so.

“Women are just smarter than the drug company thought,” said Beth A. Prairie, a midlife-gynecology specialist at West Penn Hospital in Bloomfield, Pa.

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