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6 Ways to Maximize Olive Oil Health Benefits

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Olive oil is the original superfood. Since ancient times, people have recognized it is a potent elixir for good health.

Olive oil has been shown fight virtually every major illness. Studies have found it protects against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.1,2

But not all olive oils are created equal. You not only have to buy the right olive oil to get the most health benefits…you need to know how to use it correctly.

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Better Brain Health Minute with Dr. Paul Nussbaum: Am I Having ‘Senior Moments?’ Or Is It Alzheimer’s?

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Alzheimer’s is one of the most feared diseases on earth. So when people start to forget things, it’s natural that they worry. They wonder if they are having normal “senior moments,” or if it’s an early sign of dementia.

Dr. Paul Nussbaum is one of the world’s leading authorities on healthy brain aging. In this exclusive video interview, he reveals how you can tell the difference between senior moments and early signs of Alzheimer’s.

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This Vitamin Is More Effective Than the Flu Shot, Study Finds

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For years, Big Pharma has been pushing flu shots—and raking in almost $2 billion in annual revenues from them.1

But flu immunizations are mostly ineffective. A review of 51 studies found no evidence that the flu shot was more effective than a placebo. Other studies show the shot doesn’t work for over 80% of adults.2

This season, even the CDC admits the flu shot is lacking.

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