Sharpen Your Brain… With SUNSHINE?

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The calendar reads August… and no matter where you live, there’s still plenty of time to get out and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Whether it’s a round of golf with your friends, a family trip to the beach, or a long walk around the neighborhood… getting your daily dose of sunshine is not only fun, but it comes with all kinds of health benefits, too.

Studies have found that sunshine can help your bones stay strong, lower your blood pressure, and help with your overall mental health.

And let’s not forget what sunshine is best known for…

The production of vitamin D – hence why it’s called the “sunshine vitamin.”

But there’s research around a new health benefit of getting some sun… one that can help keep your brain sharp and even help ward off deadly brain diseases.

Getting More Sun Helps Fend Off Dementia?

According to a research study out of the University of South Australia, getting more sun (and getting more natural vitamin D) could help folks stave off dementia.

There are many factors that can lead to dementia, but one factor in particular has been well-studied and well-documented…

It’s vitamin D deficiency.

It’s estimated that nearly 42% of Americans are not getting enough vitamin D.

But this new study found that cases of dementia could drop by nearly a FIFTH – if people who are vitamin D deficient started upping their levels.

The study also found that as much as 17 percent of dementia cases might be preventable through higher vitamin D intake – which is incredible!

To be clear, vitamin D ISN’T a cure, or fool-proof way, to stop dementia or cognitive decline.

But, it does highlight the fact that millions of Americans are not getting enough vitamin D – which plays a pivotal role in overall brain function.

Getting out in the sun (safely) is of course the best way for your body to naturally produce vitamin D. But if your vitamin D levels are low, your best bet is to take a supplement.

Vitamin D supplements can be found almost anywhere vitamins and supplements are sold.

Talk to your doctor about the right dosage for you.

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