Deadly Bacteria Lurking in Your Produce?

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The produce aisle is by far the healthiest section of your grocery store.

It’s teeming with fruits and vegetables that are natural, contain no processed sugars, and are good for your overall health.

But, according to a new study, stocking your fridge with produce could hold a potential danger…

Here everything you need to know — and the simple steps you can take to stay safe.

Organic Vegetables House Bacteria?

The new study presented at the 32nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) exposed a shocking discovery…

Organic vegetables can make a great home for strains of disease-causing bacteria.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

Isn’t organic produce supposed to be the cleanest variety?

Yes, organic produce is generally pesticide-free… but this latest study found that produce treated with organic fertilizer (like manure) can lead to bacteria that runs rampant.

In fact, researchers discovered more than 50 species of potentially harmful bacteria on samples of organic spinach and lettuce alone…


But this is no reason to panic or toss your produce in the trash.

You see, this latest finding simply highlights what everyone should be doing with their produce – organic or not…


Thoroughly washing any produce – fruits AND vegetables – is your best bet against harmful chemicals and bacteria that may be attached to it.

In fact, the simple act of rinsing and rubbing fruits and vegetables can reduce about 90% of the microbial load found on their respective surfaces –significantly reducing your risk of getting sick.

Want to take it a step further? Cook your produce instead of eating it raw.

The bottom line?

While there’s no way to get rid of ALL the dirt, grit, and grime on produce, taking the time to wash it will ensure you’re not eating anything unsafe.