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The COVID Complication Every Man Should Know About

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When the pandemic began, it looked like COVID-19 was simply a deadlier version of flu. It seemed to cause flu-like symptoms that turned into severe pneumonia in some patients.

But the longer the pandemic goes on, the more we find that there’s far more to coronavirus than meets the eye.

It’s really nothing like the flu. Besides being far more lethal, it causes all kinds of unexpected complications.

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The Best Way to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight 

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The most popular New Year’s resolution Americans make is to lose weight.[1]

The cruel truth is this: The overwhelming majority will fail.

Studies show that the failure rate of all New Year’s resolutions is 80%. And a resolution to lose weight through dieting may have even less of a chance at success. A whopping 95% of all diets fail to help people get slimmer.

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One Supplement Reduces Hangover Symptoms

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Most of us are thrilled to say goodbye to 2020. Perhaps that’s why you celebrated with more enthusiasm than usual on New Year’s Eve.

And today you’re paying the price.

New research may be able to help. It found that one supplement eases hangover symptoms.[1]

The study was published in the Oxford Academic Journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism.

Researchers in Finland divided male subjects into two groups.

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A New Year’s Toast May Help Ward Off Dementia

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Scientists call it the “Goldilocks Zone.”

It’s when too little of something is bad for you and so is too much…but a moderate amount is “just right.”

A major new study shows that’s the case with alcohol and Alzheimer’s disease.

Previous research has come to conflicting conclusions about how much you should drink for optimal brain health.

Scientists at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research set out to settle the question.

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Surgeons’ Dirty Little Secret

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If there’s one time you want your doctor’s full attention, it’s during surgery.

Most patients don’t realize that surgeons often perform two surgeries at once. They do this to maximize their income.

Most hospitals and Medicare allow the practice. It’s widely known as “double booking.”

An alarming study shows the extent to which double-booked surgeries put patients at risk.

Researchers in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto reviewed case histories of more than 90,000 patients.

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This “Healthy Oil” Is Linked to Alzheimer’s

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Mainstream doctors have long touted canola oil as healthy because it’s low in saturated fat.

But as we’ve said for years, this is junk medicine.

It’s possible for canola oil to be healthy…if it’s processed without heat. But it rarely is.

Mass-market canola oils are heated to the point that they produce chemicals called aldehydes. They can build up in your body and lead to heart disease and cancer.

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