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New Study Reveals the Best Kind of Vitamin D

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At INH, we provide you with the most unbiased, accurate, and cutting-edge health guidance you can get… But it is still gratifying when impeccable research confirms the advice we’ve been giving our readers.

For years, we have been telling you that not all vitamin D is created equal. One type is more readily absorbed and has greater health benefits.

And now a major new study confirms our longstanding recommendation.

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Study Reveals Simple, Fast Way to Fight Bone Loss

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A new study finds there’s an incredibly fast way to keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. It takes just one minute a day.

Researchers at two universities in England found that short, intense bursts of activity are more beneficial to bones than long hours of mild exercise.

Scientists studied data on more than 2,500 healthy women. About half were premenopausal.

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Natural Supplement Promises to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s

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Can a compound found in strawberries keep your mind sharp into old age?

A new study by the famed Salk Institute has found that a strawberry extract stops cognitive decline by preventing brain cell inflammation that usually occurs with aging.1

Excited scientists believe it may be a major breakthrough in preventing and treating conditions like Alzheimer’s.

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