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Is a Heart Attack in Your Future? Here’s How to Find Out

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A study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Session conference found that coronary calcium tests predicts heart risk far more accurately than the cardiac risk equations used by most doctors.[1]

Dr. Jeffrey L. Anderson is a cardiologist and researcher at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City. He says that unlike risk equations, coronary calcium is a marker that shows the actual presence of heart disease.… Read More

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Don’t Quit Daily Aspirin Cold Turkey

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You’ve probably seen the recent headlines about how low-dose aspirin is no longer recommended for people who haven’t had a heart attack.i 

This is a big change. For decades, doctors routinely told older patients to take daily aspirin if they had any heart risk factors.  

Now the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says the risk of bleeding caused by aspirin outweighs the heart benefit for people who haven’t had a heart attack.Read More

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The Deadly Mistake Heart Patients Make

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After recovering from a heart attack, many people want to take it easy.  

Understandably, they are afraid to exert themselves for fear they could have another heart attack. 

So they rest. 

And if they do work out, they go easy. 

A major study shows that this is not only the wrong strategy, it could be a deadly one. 

Swedish researchers analyzed the link between physical activity and death rates after a heart attack. Read More

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3 Ways to Survive a Heart Attack

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It’s one of the most terrifying realizations anyone can have: “Oh no, I’m having a heart attack!”

That thought might be quickly followed by, “Will I die?”

And then, “What can I do to save myself?”

Someone has this moment of horror every 40 seconds in the U.S. Every nine minutes, the victim dies within the first hour.[1] [2]

Some of them might have survived if they had known what to do when the symptoms first hit them.… Read More

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Are You Headed for a Heart Attack? Answer This One Question to Find Out

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If you’re worried about your heart, you can go to the best cardiologists…

Get a myriad of blood tests…

Undergo cutting-edge diagnostic imaging and EKGs…

But answering one simple question may be among the most reliable indicators of whether or not you’re headed for a heart attack. This marker of heart health is accurate whether you’re obese or thin, smoker or nonsmoker, in shape or sedentary.… Read More

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Watching Super Bowl Linked to Heart Deaths, Study Finds

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It’s the Super Bowl. The game is close. You’re screaming at the TV as your team makes a disastrous mistake.

“You’re killing me!” you might shout.

Actually, you could be right…

Researchers have found that stress from watching the Super Bowl increases the risk of a deadly heart attack by a small but significant amount.

Scientists studied the death records in Los Angeles County for two-week periods starting on Super Bowl Sunday in 1980 and 1984.… Read More