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Susan Lucci Heart Attack Drama

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Soap star Susan Lucci looks like the poster child for healthy aging. At 72, she could pass for someone decades younger.

In recent months, Harper’s Bazaar magazine hailed her as “hotter than ever.” Women’s Health called her a “fitness badass.”

But recently, when the “All My Children” actress was shopping, she felt a strange sensation in her chest.

Lucci was in a store, and had just handed her purchases to a saleswoman.

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What Really Killed Luke Perry?

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Luke Perry’s fans were shocked when they heard he died Monday of a stroke.

The hunky star of “Beverly Hills, 90210” was only 52.[i]

Isn’t that too young to have a fatal stroke?

Strokes are typically associated with the elderly. But more than a third of the people who have one are under 65.[ii]

And youthfulness can actually work against them, according to Dr.

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Everyone Over 50 Needs This Heart Test

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When your doctor determines your risk of heart disease, chances are he or she uses a standard cardiac risk equation.

It’s a formula that takes into account your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride readings. And it looks at whether you are a smoker, have diabetes, have a family history of heart trouble, or are overweight.

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Look in the Mirror to See If You Have This Major Heart Attack Risk Factor

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Being overweight…having chest pain…having a bad diet…lack of exercise…a family history of heart disease.

Everybody knows these are signs that a heart attack could be in your future.

But a new study shows there’s a major risk factor that you can see by looking in the mirror.

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