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Coronavirus: One Vitamin May Be the Key to Stopping It

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Here’s the scariest thing about the coronavirus epidemic…

Doctors have no way to prevent it.

And they have nothing that treats it. 

Researchers are working furiously to come up with a vaccine. But it looks like they are at least a year away from developing one. 

They are also trying to come up with antiviral drugs that can treat it. That will also take months, if not years. 

But there may be an effective, natural way to prevent coronavirus that is hiding in plain sight.

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6 Cooking Mistakes That Can Make Your Food Toxic

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This is the number one rule of healthy eating…

Avoid processed foods.

They are often full of dangerous chemicals, sugar, and trans fats. And they’re linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many other serious conditions.[i] [ii]

Cooking at home using whole foods is a much healthier way to go. But it’s easy to fall into cooking habits that can undermine your efforts, making your homemade food as unhealthy as junk food.

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The Vegetable Extract That Fights Fatty Liver

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It’s the biggest killer you’ve never heard of…

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is rarely mentioned as one of America’s worst health threats. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes get far more publicity.

But NAFLD is more common than any of these. And it can have equally deadly consequences.

More than 30% of Americans have NAFLD. It’s also known simply as fatty liver.

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The Surprising Hidden Cause of Back Pain

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Back pain is one the most frustrating health problems. It’s often impossible to figure out the cause, much less find a cure. 

Now, surprising new research shows that a simple vitamin deficiency may be the root cause of many back pain cases. 

Researchers from China’s Tongji University School of Medicine collected medical data on 232 postmenopausal women. They found a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and back pain from disc degeneration.

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These 10 Foods Cut Your Alzheimer’s Risk in Half

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Mainstream medicine is clueless when it comes to Alzheimer’s.

Conventional doctors don’t know what causes it and they don’t know how to prevent it. They don’t have any treatments that can stop it, or even slow it down. 

Big Pharma has several Alzheimer’s drugs on the market. All they do is treat some of the symptoms. And they don’t even do that very well. They do nothing to change the course of the illness.

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5 Best Ways to Lower Inflammation

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What’s the biggest health scourge America faces today? 

Heart disease is a good answer. It kills more Americans than anything else. 

Cancer comes in a close second. 

Alzheimer’s is another good guess, especially since there is nothing doctors can do to stop it or even slow it down. 

Diabetes is also terrible and has reached epidemic proportions. Nearly half of American adults now have prediabetes or full-blown diabetes. 

The truth is, there’s one health condition that is far worse than any of these.

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