Wine with Dinner Cut Diabetes Risk

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People with blood sugar issues are often advised to stay away from alcohol. But a major new study shows that a glass of wine with dinner actually reduces diabetes risk.[1]

Researchers at Tulane University analyzed 11 years of health data for 312,400 current drinkers. The scientists found that wine—in moderation with meals—cuts your chances of developing diabetes by 14%.[2]

The benefits do not extend to beer or hard liquor. They are actually linked to higher diabetes risk, the study found. Also, drinking any kind of alcohol without food—including wine—raises the chances you’ll have blood sugar spikes.

Wine Is Not “Empty Calories”

Dr. Hao Ma led the research. “The message from this study is that drinking moderate amounts of wine with meals may prevent type 2 diabetes,” he said.

“Moderate” is defined as one glass of wine for women and up to two for men.[3]

The new study is not the first to show that wine with meals is a healthy option.[4]

Last year, researchers at Barcelona University found that drinking 7-14 glasses of wine a week with meals helps people maintain a healthy weight. The study showed that moderate wine drinkers weighed less than people who didn’t drink at all and also those who drank heavily.

This was true even though the moderate drinkers in the study consumed more calories than the non-drinkers and the heavy drinkers. The study controlled for the types of food the subjects ate. So it was not a case of the moderate drinkers eating healthier foods.[5]

Alcoholic drinks have long been criticized by doctors as “empty calories.” But that’s not true when it comes to wine, said Professor Rosa Lamuela-Raventos of Barcelona University.

Wine contains powerfully beneficial compounds called polyphenols. They’ve been shown not only to reduce high blood sugar, but to fight inflammation, high blood pressure, lower cancer risk, cut cholesterol, and improve immunity.[6]

An article in the Journal of Angiology said the benefits are so wide-ranging and potent that polyphenols should be considered “medicine.”[7]

It is widely accepted that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways to eat for weight loss, heart health, and longevity. Professor Lamuela-Raventos notes that the diet includes wine with meals.

Her research shows that “with the Mediterranean diet, 25% of the beneficial effect is due to wine,” she said.

One important thing to note is that red wine contains about nine times more polyphenols than white wine.

The bottom line?

A glass (or two) of wine with dinner is a healthy choice—especially if it’s red.

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