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Pounding Headache? Reach for this Potent Mineral

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

We’ve all been there…

The moment a pounding headache digs in and makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck!

Your head is throbbing in pain… you’re extra sensitive to light… you have trouble seeing… and you even feel like vomiting!

If this has happened to you, you’re not alone! In fact, it’s reported that half of all people in the WORLD experience headaches.… Read More

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Seasonal Fruit Boosts Heart Health in 4 Weeks? (Yum!)

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Early summer is a great time to find fruit that otherwise just isn’t in-season throughout the year.

If frequenting your local orchard for the freshest – and tastiest – fruit in your area is something you enjoy, you’re in luck…

Because studies have found that a seasonal fruit that is in-season RIGHT NOW could improve your heart health in as little as one month!… Read More

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55% of Americans Neglect Medicine Cabinet ‘Safety’ Step

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Did you know that the average person reaches into their medicine cabinet over 460 times each year?

That means you’re likely digging into your medicine cabinet every, single day.

Maybe it’s to reach for something as simple as shaving cream… or something more complex like a prescription medication…

But every time you dig into your medicine cabinet, there’s a good chance you’re forgetting something important.… Read More

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A Hidden Danger to DENTURES? (Study)

In General Health by INH Research

The thought of wearing dentures may be taboo to some folks… but there’s plenty of upside to dentures, and there shouldn’t be a stigma attached to wearing them.

Dentures fill the void of lost teeth, helping to improve your smile (and confidence). But they also help maintain the bone structure of your face, decreasing your risk of irreversible bone deterioration.

Unfortunately, along with all of its benefits, a new study has found a potential danger that all denture wearers need to be aware of…

Today, I’m going to fill you in on this new threat – and then, I’ll share a few simple steps you can take to reduce your risk and keep your mouth – and body – safe.… Read More

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[Alert] Another Low-Salt Diet MYTH

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

For as long as I can remember, myths around salt consumption have been hammered into our heads by the feds, mainstream researchers, and even your own doctor.

They practically instill the fear of God into you by saying even a little bit of salt in your diet is going to lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke.

And it’s enough to freak you out at the very sight of a salt shaker!… Read More

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Cholesterol ‘Boost’ Stops Alzheimer’s?!

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Maintaining optimal cholesterol levels is at the top of the list when it comes to the proactive steps you can take for a healthy heart.

But what if I told you that staying on top of your cholesterol can work wonders for other parts of your body…

… Like your BRAIN?

Believe it or not, a new research study has found that ‘boosting’ a specific type of cholesterol can help protect your brain and potentially help fend off Alzheimer’s disease!… Read More