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Stop Alzheimer’s Progression… With CHOLESTEROL?!

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Maintaining optimal cholesterol levels is at the top of the list when it comes to the proactive steps you can take for a healthy heart.

But what if I told you that staying on top of your cholesterol can work wonders for other parts of your body…

… Like your BRAIN?

Believe it or not, a study has found that ‘boosting’ a specific type of cholesterol can help protect your brain and potentially help fend off the progression of Alzheimer’s disease!… Read More

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SOOTHE Your Stress with This 3,000-Year-Old Tea

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If the past couple of years have sent your stress levels to sky-high levels, you’re not alone.

A national poll found a whopping 63% of Americans say their stress levels are at all-time HIGHS.

And turning on the news these days sure isn’t helping!

While stress is a part of life, it’s important to take steps to limit the impact stress can do to your body and mind.… Read More

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Is Household Dust HURTING Your Immune System?

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Is Household Dust HURTING Your Immune System?

When it comes to dust lingering around your house, what comes to mind?

Sure, it’s probably an eye sore on your coffee table… and you probably feel like you’re constantly cleaning up.

But what about your health?

Dust accumulation in your house can lead to coughing… sneezing… allergies… asthma and other respiratory issues.… Read More

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Low Vitamin C Levels Linked to DEADLY Condition (Study)

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Low Vitamin C Levels Linked to DEADLY Condition (Study)

When it comes to vitamins, vitamin C is considered the gold standard.

It’s good for your immune system, can help manage your blood pressure, and can even help prevent a nasty gout flareup.

But I’m not here today to talk about the benefits of vitamin C…

Today, I’m here to talk about why many seniors aren’t getting enough vitamin C — and why research has found that low vitamin C levels could be tied to a deadly condition.… Read More

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[Men] Is Summer Heat Bad for Your Heart?

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Guys, the dog days of summer are officially here.

That means more golf with your friends… or trips to the beach on a hot day.

It also means that some days are beginning to feel downright stifling!

Which is why it’s important that you start taking precautions NOW to avoid heat-related illnesses and conditions like dehydration, fatigue, and heat stroke.

Because according to new research, YOUR HEART could be a causality of the inevitable rising temperatures.… Read More

The SIMPLEST Movement Stops Knee Pain?!

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It’s something you learned how to do when you were a toddler…

And ironically, it may be the key to reviving the wear-and-tear you might be feeling in your knees!

Folks, I’m talking about the routine act of WALKING.

Sure, it may not be as hip or cool as running, going to a spin class, or even lifting weights…

But new research says this time-tested, simple movement is one of the most effective ways to help stop knee pain that could be slowing you down.… Read More