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One Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure Better than Drugs

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Just about every person dealing with high blood pressure knows that exercise can help. But a fascinating study shows that one kind of workout can reduce hypertension near twice as much as prescription medications. 

The research was presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in Munich.

Scientists divided 60 volunteers with hypertension into groups. Some did simple yoga poses. Others did stretching, relaxation, or deep breathing exercises.Read More

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This Simple Eating Trick Speeds Metabolism

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Lots of people exercise hungry. They figure that if their stomach is empty while they work out, their body will start to burn fat and they’ll lose weight. 

So they wait until after they exercise to eat. 

A recent study shows this strategy is a mistake. 

Several colleges in the U.K. conducted research into the effects of eating in the morning before exercising.Read More

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The Simple Trick to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

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This was going to be the year.  

You were going to exercise more.  

And you were going to stay away from your diet kryptonite…desserts.  

But then you had to go on a business trip, which made it difficult to exercise. 

And your neighbor showed up with a plate of cookies. You didn’t want to be rude.  

So you ate one…or three. Read More

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Low-Carb Holiday Drinks You’ll Love

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The holiday season is all about eating, drinking, and being merry. But if you struggle with weight issues, you know what the drill is… 

You have to use your willpower to keep carbs to a minimum. And during the holidays, many of us consume a lot of carbohydrates through alcoholic drinks. 

But there are low-carb drink choices that are delicious and festive.Read More

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High Blood Pressure? This Common Food Additive May Be the Culprit

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If you go to the doctor and your blood pressure is high, two things are likely to happen… 

First, your physician will tell you to cut down on salt.  

Second, you’ll be handed a prescription for a hypertension drug. 

But a new study finds that your doctor should talk to you about stopping what could be the root cause of your high blood pressure. Read More