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The Surprising Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

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The numbers, just like America’s waistlines, keep growing… 

Earlier this year, a Harvard University study concluded that nearly half of adults in the U.S. will be obese by 2030. 

Obesity is a true health scourge. It’s strongly linked to diabetes, cancer, fatty liver, heart disease, stroke, and osteoarthritis.[1]

The problem is so bad that it even threatens national security. According to the CDC, if we had a major war, we may not have enough soldiers to fight it because one in four young adults is now too heavy to serve in the military.

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The Perfect Exercise For These Difficult Times

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One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic is figuring out how to exercise.

Your gym may be closed. Even if it’s open, you may not want to go there.

Team sports have been canceled.

Community pools and tennis courts have been shut down, or activities have been restricted.

Even jogging outdoors is difficult in crowded cities where distancing is not always possible.

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The Pandemic No One Is Talking About

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What’s the number one cause of human death?

You might choose one of the major diseases such as cancer or heart disease.

Or maybe malaria, which has killed millions in Africa and Asia.

Smoking is another major underlying cause of mortality.

Of course, coronavirus is currently unleashing rampant death around the globe.

But a new study finds that one killer is far more lethal than any of these.

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How to Tell If Someone Is Too Old for Surgery

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It’s a common dilemma faced by older people…

They need surgery for an urgent health problem, but their doctor doesn’t know if they are strong enough to withstand the operation. 

It can be a difficult decision for both the patient and the doctor. A life hangs in the balance. 

Typically, the decision on whether to operate is made on the basis of physical health.

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Coronavirus Doesn’t Spread the Way You Think

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We wipe down our door knobs. We disinfect other “high-touch” surfaces. We even worry about whether the mail is bringing coronavirus into our homes.

But it turns out that we may not need to agonize so much about whether surfaces are contaminated with the coronavirus.

As the pandemic goes on, researchers are learning more about how people get infected. And they have discovered that face-to-face transmission—not catching the virus from touching a contaminated surface—is responsible for most of the spread.

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Coronavirus: The More Comfortable Alternative to Masks

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Nobody likes wearing a face mask.

They are hot, stuffy, and they make it difficult to breathe. They can fog up your glasses. You constantly have to adjust them to make them comfortable. In doing so, we wreck their effectiveness by contaminating them with our hands.

But face masks are a fact of life during the pandemic. We’ll have to wear them in public for months, maybe even years.

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