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How to Use Your Office to Get in Better Shape

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When you sit in an office all day, it’s difficult to stay in shape. Spending eight hours or more tethered to a desk is terrible for your health.

But a new study shows there’s a simple way office workers can improve their fitness.

You do it by using your workplace as a piece of gym equipment…

Previous research had found that brief spurts of vigorous exercise can boost heart health.

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The Lifesaving Food 90% of Us Don’t Eat Enough Of

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Heart disease and cancer are the two biggest killers in America. They cause more than 46% of all deaths in the U.S.[i]

But a new study shows that one type of food dramatically cuts the risk of both lethal conditions while also protecting against other major killers such as stroke and diabetes.

The meta-analysis was published in the journal The Lancet.

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‘Almost Everybody I Know Is Using It’

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They call it the Canna Bus.

So many seniors in the retirement community of Laguna Woods, Calif., use cannabis products for various  health conditions that a local marijuana dispensary provides free shuttle bus service for residents.[1]

Shari Horne is one of them. She is mayor of the village. She broke her toes in an accident about a decade ago. “I have plates and pins and screws in my feet,” she said.

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