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Coronavirus Stress Is Real. Here’s What to Do About It.

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Kate King can’t seem to make herself relax. Coronavirus is always on her mind.

“Anxiety is a natural response to the situation we are in,” she said. “I have low-level anxiety all the time.”[1]

Most of the time, she can manage. But sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming, she said. “You can have waves of it—watching news coverage, thinking about your health and other people,” she said.

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Lift Your Mood with the Secret of “Happy Valley”

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If you suffer from dark moods that rob you of happiness and productivity, you need to know about a place called “Happy Valley.”

In the mid-1800s, the residents of Cherry Valley, N.Y., had a reputation for being carefree and friendly.

Depression and despair seemed to disappear when people came to town. That’s why a newspaper columnist dubbed the village “Happy Valley.”

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Lose Weight by Putting Your Brain in Charge of Your Body

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Does this sound familiar? It’s lunchtime. You sit in front of your computer with a wall of emails in front of you.

You take a couple bites of your sandwich. You grab some chips. And start reading your messages. You answer a few of them.

Before you know it, you’ve finished lunch without even noticing it. A couple hours later, you’re hungry and crave a snack.

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Your Husband has ED… What Should You Do?

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Erectile dysfunction can be devastating to a man. But it can be just as difficult for his partner.

“The first thing a woman thinks when a man can’t get an erection is that it’s her fault,” says Dr. Andrew McCullough. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” Dr. McCullough is director of sexual health and male infertility at NYU Medical Center in New York City.

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FOUND: The REAL Cause of Heartburn (No, It Isn’t Stomach Acid)

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It’s a game-changer for the millions of people who suffer from heartburn…

Researchers have pinpointed the true cause of acid reflux—and it’s not what doctors have been saying for more than 80 years.

Scientists at the University of Texas and Dallas VA Medical Center have discovered that inflammation—not stomach acid—causes heartburn.

The researchers looked at patients who had been treated for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) with drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

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Will Trump Survive Coronavirus?

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After President Trump announced early today that he had tested positive for coronavirus, there were more questions than answers about his condition.

Americans wondered how severe his illness was likely to become.

The fact is, Trump has three factors stacked against him: His age, weight, and sex.

So far, reports say the President is suffering only mild coldlike symptoms. He has not been hospitalized.

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