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The Evening Exercise Myth

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You’ve probably heard the warning…

Don’t exercise in the evening because it can keep you awake at night.

The idea seems to make sense. After all, if you rev up your body for a workout close to bedtime, it must make it more difficult to wind down and fall asleep.

But new research says that’s flat wrong.

Researchers at Australia’s Charles Sturt University recruited middle-aged men to study the effects of exercise on sleep.

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Scientists Swear by This Weight Loss Trick

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Scientists have known for years that there is one single best predictor of success among people trying to lose weight.

It’s not type of diet they do…

Or whether they cut carbs or fat…

Or what time of day they eat…

Or what exercise they do.

It’s this…

People who lose the most weight keep track of what they eat.

Although it sounds unpleasant and time consuming to log everything you eat, a new study shows it’s far easier than you think.

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Study: The Blueberry Blood Pressure Solution

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Blueberries have long been known as a “superfood” because they contain high levels of antioxidants which help prevent heart disease and cancer.

But a new study shows that they lower blood pressure as much as prescription drugs. And the effect is almost instant… They improve blood vessel function right after you eat them.

The research was conducted by a team from King’s College London.

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High Blood Sugar? Eating This Can Be Lifesaving

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Diabetes is an epidemic in the U.S.

More than a third of the population now has the blood sugar disease or its precursor, prediabetes. That’s more than 114 million Americans.

Diabetes is now the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind only heart disease and cancer.[1]

What most people don’t realize is that diabetes itself isn’t what usually kills diabetics.

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Study Reveals the Best Kind of Exercise to Burn Fat

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People who want to get rid of belly fat often figure the more time they spend exercising, the better.

After all, long workouts burn more fat than short ones, right?

According to new research, less is actually more when it comes to getting rid of fat.

The study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Researchers analyzed data from 36 studies with more than 1,000 participants.

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This Japanese Plant May Hold the Key to Staying Young

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The Japanese have long believed that a plant called ashitaba is important in supporting health and well-being.

Its name in Japanese means “tomorrow’s leaf.”[i]

The idea is that if you take the herb, you’ll have many tomorrows.

Now, researchers have discovered there’s truth to that. They’ve found that a compound in ashitaba boosts cellular health and prolongs youth.

Our bodies go through a beneficial process called autophagy.

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