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Little-Known Vitamin Stops Heart Problems

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This vitamin doesn’t get much attention. But a new study shows it may be the single most important nutrient for your heart. It prevents a serious and common condition that often leads to sudden cardiac arrest.1

Researchers from Augusta University in Georgia wanted to find out if this vitamin could stop left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). It is a gradual enlargement and thickening of the walls of your heart’s left ventricle.

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Do Prewashed Greens Lose Vitamins?

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Are we sacrificing nutrition for convenience when we buy prewashed salad greens?

They’ve become wildly popular in recent years. It’s so easy to open the bag and have greens ready to be tossed into a salad. No more washing. No more drying with paper towels or using “salad spinners.”

They’ve turned healthy food into convenience food.

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This Workout Is Better Than All Others for Older Folks

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Seniors have different goals than young people when it comes to exercise.

Instead of packing on muscle to look buff, they are more likely to want a workout that helps them live independently and continue to do the things they love.

A new study shows that one exercise may be better than all others in reaching this objective.

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