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The Secret of People Who Are Doing Great During the Pandemic

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It’s entirely reasonable during the coronavirus crisis to feel stressed, anxious, lonely, and depressed. Yet, despite the circumstances, some people are doing just fine.

They are able to go about their lives and be happy, feeling gratitude for what they have, love for others, and joy in the small things.

How do they do it?

University of North Carolina scientists set out to find the secret of people who have been able to adjust to the pandemic.

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The Strange Way COVID-19 Is Increasing Heart Attack Deaths

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Since March, 911 calls for medical emergencies have dropped by more than 26%.

At the same time, emergency calls to homes where someone has died have doubled, according a new study from the University at Buffalo/State University of New York.

What’s going on?

People are afraid to call an ambulance. They worry they will catch the coronavirus if they go to the hospital, researchers say.

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Supplement Helps End Sugar Addiction, Study Finds

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Sugar may be the single worst food for your health.

It’s linked to virtually all the biggest killers that plague Americans: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s… The list goes on and on.

But even though we know sugar is bad for us, we keep eating it.

The average American now consumes almost 17 teaspoons of it a day. That’s about 57 pounds a year.

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What Belly Fat Does to Your Brain

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It’s certainly no fun to look down and see a ring of blubber around your midsection. But belly fat is far more than a cosmetic issue.

It’s a serious health problem.

It’s strongly linked to America’s top two causes of death: heart disease and cancer.[1]

And now a new study shows that extra abdominal fat dramatically increases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

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Before You Take a Blood Pressure Drug, Do This

In All Health Watch, Blood Pressure, Featured Article, Heart and Cardiovascular by Ambar Jones0 Comments

Since many health professionals spend their days checking patients’ blood pressure, you’d think they’d be really good at it. 

They’re not. 

Busy doctor’s offices routinely rush through the tests. This often ends up with patients getting falsely high readings. They are then put on drugs.

The American College of Cardiology has issued guidelines that are supposed to ensure accurate measurements. The problem is that doctors, nurses, and physician assistants are notoriously bad at following them.

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Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About Exercising With a Mask

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Let’s face it… Wearing a face mask is a pain.

They are hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. And when you exercise and start breathing heavier, things only get worse.

But many of us have no choice but to wear them during workouts.

Almost all gyms require them. And some cities mandate them even for outdoor exercise done in public spaces such as parks or jogging trails.

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