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These 5 Healthy Habits Give You 7-10 Extra Years of Disease-Free Life

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A major new Harvard study found that you can gain up to 10 years of lifespan, free of cancer, heart problems, and diabetes if you practice five healthy habits.[i] 

Researchers released their findings after tracking 111,000 people for up to 34 years. 

The scientists found that women can add 10 years of healthy life and men seven. 

The life-extending healthy habits are:

  1. Regular exercise.
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Don’t Freak Out Over Coronavirus. Freak Out Over This Instead.

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You’ve seen the panicked headlines about travel restrictions and quarantines… The photos of terrified people wearing surgical masks and even gas masks…  And the grim news that the coronavirus has arrived in America.[1]

Photo: Science Focus

“This outbreak is unrolling right in front of our eyes,” said the CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier.

It seems like the whole world is freaking out over this highly contagious and deadly illness. 

You shouldn’t.

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Low-Fat Diet Lowers Testosterone in Men

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For years, mainstream doctors had a simple mantra for people trying to lose weight…

Cut fat to lose fat. 

A low-fat diet—especially one low in animal fats—was touted as the best way to slim down. 

The food industry saw it as an opportunity to create a whole new range of products. Fat-free products flew off store shelves.

Low-fat eating became a way of life for many of us.

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Why You Need to Change Your Workout

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Are your muscles confused? 

If not, they should be. 

“Muscle confusion” is a popular concept, as anyone who pays attention to fitness trends knows. 

The term was promoted in the past decade by the creators of various weight-training programs. They tell exercisers to vary their routines relentlessly. 

The rationale is that unfamiliar movements should “confuse” our muscles. This prevents them from settling into a rut and hitting a training plateau. 

When you first start lifting, you become stronger quickly.

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Strange Fruit Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

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Maybe you’ve seen the recent headlines…

“Fourth Carcinogen Discovered in Heart Pills Used by Millions”Bloomberg[1]

“Yet Another Lot of Blood Pressure Medication RecalledThis Time for a Possible Carcinogen”USA Today[2] 

It’s just the latest example of how dangerous it can be to use hypertension drugs.

Not only were they recently found to contain a cancer-causing chemical, but many are linked to serious side effects.

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New Year’s Resolution Already Blown? Try This

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This was going to be the year. 

You were going to exercise more. And you were going to stay away from your diet kryptonite…sweet desserts. 

But then you had to go on a business trip, which made it difficult to exercise.

And your neighbor showed up with a plate of cookies. You didn’t want to be rude. So you ate one or three. 

Just like that… Your New Year’s resolutions were history. 

Maybe next year.

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